Chapter 9: A brother's love

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Hey guys! Sorry for the really late update! I feel like this chapter could've been better but I competed today for a club and im exhausted

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Hey guys! Sorry for the really late update! I feel like this chapter could've been better but I competed today for a club and im exhausted. Hope you guys like it.

BTW i listened to this song while writing this and it made me cry  :( but its probably just because im a cry baby. Enjoy!


The voice was nearly audible, even in the silence that filled the living room's empty atmosphere. The television was on, as usual, and she could see a tiresome Auggie slowly sit up from his position on the couch.

Sighing, Riley placed her coat on the coat hanger before making her way towards him. ''You should be asleep, kiddo. I know tomorrow's Saturday but you can't mess up your sleeping schedule like that''

He patted for her to sit next to him on the couch, to which she did, pulling him into a tight side hug. Instead of leaning his head on her shoulder, she felt him suddenly grow tense, which only turned to confuse her. ''Are you okay, Auggie? Is something wrong?''

''You weren't at work today''

''Well, no,'' she let out a low laugh, trying her best to ignore the television voices playing in the background. ''I'm sorry I wasn't around but you told me you were going to spend all day with Ava, so I didn't think-''

''Who were you with?'' Auggie cut in, a bitter end to his tone.

Taken back, Riley huffed. ''What is with you? Why are you asking that?''

''You were with him, right? You and Maya were'' her brother cringed his nose up, folding his arms across his chest. ''I thought you never wanted to see him again!''

''Are you referring to Farkle?'' Riley ran her fingers through his curls. ''I have a lot of explaining to do, but we've decided to move on from the past and be friends again''

Auggie pushed her fingers away, and Riley was beginning to grow more confused and stunned by the second. ''How can you do that? He hurt you!''

''Wow there, Augs, calm down'' She sighed. ''How did you find out?''

She had avoided the topic for a while knowing how her little brother would react, but she hadn't expected it to happen the way it was.

''You're always in a good mood, you're going out more than usual and not to mention Ava wanted to go to the mall today, and guess who we ended up seeing there?'' Auggie rose from the couch. ''I saw you laughing with that traitor! How could you do that?''

''August,'' she cried out, calmly standing on her feet. '' Please, I'm trying to explain to you-''

''I don't want any explanations, but as long as you hang out with him, you can forget about calling me your brother!''

And with that, Auggie had stormed off into his room. All Riley could really do is watch him go, eyes widened and jaw dropped slightly at his sudden outburst.

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