Chapter 11: A night out

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HELLO, I JUST WANT TO APOLOGIZE FOR MY REALLY LONG ABSENCE. I've had part of this chapter written for months but I just could not get the inspiration to finish it no matter how much I tried. But now, I am officially a high school graduate so hopefully that means more time for writing, right? 


I promise the next chapter will be better! 

Chapter 11

Something Farkle had always found mesmerizing in the horrifying time he was in Oregon were the stars that spread across the sky without end.

Sometimes, after a long day of sitting alone at school or listening to another one of his parents' suffocating fights, he'd sit out in the patio and just stare up. As corny as it sounded, it was what brought him comfort when he most needed it.

What he discovered most ironic, however, once returning to his home city, was the lack of life above him. Due to all the pollution, there was no sky to look at, and as he and Charlie Gardner waited for the girls outside Riley's building, he couldn't help but take notice.

After all, he had to distract himself from the eerie silence that had followed the two after they had arrived.

''I don't know if you know this, Minkus, but parties around here can get a little crazy''

Farkle continued to glance up, sighing. ''You don't say''

Charlie, who stood only a few feet away, chuckled. ''I know you were never invited to any, so I thought i'd let you know''

''Instead of partying, shouldn't you be studying?''

''Oh, I do'' the boy stood tall, sending him a mocking smile. ''But what's the point of college if you can't have a little fun?''

Farkle snorted, shaking his head. ''So how do you know the host?''

''I play basketball with him sometimes after class. Do your best to not embarrass me or I'll deny any association with you''

''Right, I'll be the cause of embarrassment'' Farkle ran his fingers through his hair, seeing his breath in the cold air. ''Why'd you decide to ask Riley and Maya to go?''

''You have an awful amount of questions''

''And you have a lot of guts taking two girls to a party where anything can happen''

They glared at each other for a minute, before Charlie took a deep breath.

''Chill out,'' he mumbled. ''I would never let anything happen to them. I just thought i'd be nice to let them be around people their age for a while. They don't really go out much if you can't tell''

Farkle didn't want to admit it out loud, but he was glad Charlie worried about Riley and Maya as much as he did. It wasn't the way he would've done it, but the guy was allowing them to have a piece of their life they hadn't been able to live back.

The door to the building opened, and out came Maya and Riley with linked arms. Maya wore a red top with her signature leather jacket over it and red converse, resembling her style back when they were in high school. Riley wore a black tank top and a green jacket, along with high black boots, being the first time seeing her with makeup since he'd left.

Farkle smiled almost, unconsciously.

''Wow, you guys look great'' he said.

He snapped his head towards Charlie, who had said the exact same thing at the same time.

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