New morning, bitter news- Chapter 1

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When you're thirteen, you want to believe a lot of things.

You want to believe that the game nights with your parents and little brother will continue to go on despite the years. You want to believe that the friends you have now are the ones that are going to be there with you as you all travel through life. You want to believe that Pluto is a planet, because your hope is bigger than any scientific statement.

It's not until you get older that you realize that it's just not the truth; and let me tell you, it hurts like hell.

It's when you get older that you face the reality that death can come at any moment, and you start to miss those loud and chaotic game nights more and more. It's when you get older that you realize that your close friends won't always be there, leading to you slowly drifting away and before you know it, you only acknowledge each other in the school hallways with a simple nod of the head. It's when you truly grow up that you realize you've lost the optimism that comes with Pluto, and gradually you've come to terms that it just isn't a planet like everyone else.

You learn to be more realistic, to believe less and instead focus on what's right in front of you.

And you want to believe, you really do, but the world has thrown too much your way and you're tired of struggling against it.

At least, I know I am.

The alarm clock had a habit of waking me up at the worst of times. Every morning at exactly six thirty, it would ring violently to the song of Hey Jude by the Beatles, which has been a favorite song of mine since I was a little girl. Usually I'm in the middle of a dream, seeing as I usually go to bed at around midnight due to my shifts, and I was always left to wonder as to how my dreams were supposed to end.

Today was no exception, as the sudden image of my laughing parents suddenly disappeared and my eyes bolted open to the blinding sunlight that shinned through my bedroom window. I sighed, lazily turning off the alarm clock and letting out a groan.

Rising up from the comfort of my covers and pillows, I stretched my arms out and begun walking towards my brother's room. I yawned, closing my eyes for a mere second and then meeting the wall rather painfully. I let out a yelp, rubbing my forehead and walking once again. The sound of my footsteps was the only thing I heard as I passed by the dimly lit living room, too vacant too even want to come across.

I walked into my brother's bedroom, opening the blue curtains to his room and letting the morning sunlight beam down on his sleeping face. ''Auggie, wake up'' I walked towards him, shaking him slightly. He groaned, turning the other way so that his back was now facing me.

I huffed, shaking him again with a bit more force. ''Auggie, you don't want to be late to school''

''I don't want to go,'' he mumbled, hiding his face into his pillow.

I sighed, taking a seat at the corner of his bed. It was every morning with this kid, I tell you. ''Come on, get up! Ava's going to be here any minute now and you know how she gets when you're running late''

The twelve year old then shot up from bed, his dark curls a complete mess and his green eyes still fighting to open. ''Come on, Riles. Just today can I stay?''

''If I remember clearly, I let you stay last week'' I chuckled, running my fingers through his hair as an attempt to tame its wildness. ''Come on, I'm going to go put some pop tarts on the toaster''

''Fine,'' he gave up, to which I sent him a small smile and left to go to the kitchen. Pulling out the pop tart box, I placed two of them on the toaster. Staring down at my pajamas (which were really just one of dad's old t-shirts and some comfortable shorts), I rushed to my bedroom and begun looking through my closet before dashing to the bathroom.

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