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Jack's P. O. V

"Mom just shut up please! " "Jack shush it! I will say whatever I want to say!" "Mom please! " "How dare you disrespect me and try to kill yourself! Then you go and try to get that man to stay in me home and defend him?! " "Mom! He saved my life! " "I don't care what he did! I know your sleeping with that man and I know you like him! " "Mom it's not like that. " "Sean I'm not a idiot like you! I see right through your lies and that man's! You were never the son I wanted, I knew you were bound to be a disappointment. " She said glaring at me. I had tears streaming down my face now, not because of what she had said about me, but what she had said about me and Mark. I ran up to my bedroom and grabbed my backpack and put some clothes in it. I went back down stairs and grabbed my phone off the kitchen table. My mom and dad were still standing at the door when I went to leave. "what are ye doin? " "I'm leaving... Going to aunt Leanne's... " "She's back in Ireland with your grandparents. You're staying here you little brat. " "No. No I'm not. " "Why you little ungrateful, stubborn, stupid, selfish piece of shite... " My mom said slapping me hard. My whole face hurt and my cheek stung. "I hate you. Both of you. " I said a tear slipping down my cheek. "Ah shut it. No you don't your just being no dramatic. " My dad rolled his eyes. "I fucking hate both of you! I hate how you treat me, I hate how you make me act, I hate how your stupid homophobic fuck up of a personality, but most of all... I just hate you. " I spat out. My dad got about two inches away from my face. "Say that again you little dirty scum. " He hissed. I spat on his face. "Watch me bitch. " I growled. He reared his hand back and hit me in the stomach. I huffed and fell to the ground. I held my stomach. "Get back up to your room. I already called the school. Your now seeing Mr. Onision for science and biology. Now go! " My mother said following my dad into the living room. I stood up and slowly made my way back to my room, lying on my bed. I had to get out of here. I can't leave tonight. Guess tomorrow will have to do. I fell asleep soon after.

*Time skipp*

I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock next to my bed. I sluggishly crawled out of bed and went to get dressed. I looked at my face where my mom had hit me and saw a bruise. I looked at my stomach to see another bruise. "Shit. " I sighed. I finished getting dressed and slipped out of my bedroom and out the door without waking my parents up. I walked to school knowing I was going to have to face Mark sooner or later. I had to end it even though it hurt me. I hated myself for it. I missed him so much. But then again, I'm used to losing people in my life... I either lose them or me or whoever it is leaves. I felt emotionless all the time because of this. But today, knowing that he was going to be there... Was horrible. But it was over, everything was over. Whatever I had felt, whatever I had thought, was over, was fake, was... Was... It was a craving. It was a craving because I thought that I could actually have someone look at me and say, or think, ' I truly love this person. This person makes everything better. ' but that only happens in fairy tails. I snapped out of my thoughts after I felt a pain in my side, realizing I had tripped and fell. I go need while getting back up and finishing my walk to school by walking into the school doors. I walked through the halls, seeing everyone just look at me, then look away. I noticed a kid being slammed up against the lockers, a newbie. The guy slamming him up against the lockers was the one and only Richard Morton. Richard was a fucking Jock. He was also Jessica's first pick boy toy. He was always being a dick. I walked a little closer to them. "What are you doing Richard? " I said grumpily. He looked at me. "None of your business. " He glared. I felt fire burning into me. I got about two centimeters away from his face. "Now you listen here you little fucker, everything that happens in this is most likely MY business. Got it? And if your picking on fresh blood it's my business. That one right there? He's mine. So you got it? If you don't I'll be happy to remind you like I did last summer, don't wanna recreate that mess do we? No, no we don't. So Beat it fuck boy. " I growled. Everyone if his friends and him were looking at me. "Y-yeah I know Jack. My mistake. " he stuttered. "Then put him the fuck down and leave. " I growled. He dropped the new kid and quickly left along with his friends. I walked over to him. He covered his face and head. "Please. Please don't hit me. " He whimpered. I sighed. "I'm not gonna fucking hit you. Now get up. " I said extending my hand for him to take it. "Thanks. " he mumbled. "Don't get used to it. The names Jack. " I said opening my locker. "My names Robin. Nice to meet you. " He mumbled again. "Your Swedish. You'll get along with Felix. He's Swedish to. " I said walking to Mr. Peppers room. "OK. Your Irish. You'll get along with Dathai. Bye Jack. Friends? " he smiled. "Sure. Bye Robin. " I said opening the door to Mr. Peppers class. The few people in class turned and looked at me. I looked back. "What? " I snapped. They all said nothing and shrugged. I remembered my face. Shit. I sighed and took my seat. Mr. Pepper walked in. "Morning everyone, I'm not in the mood to do anything so today is a free day. Plus they said that first period was a free period because of a teachers meeting. So do whatever and leave me alone. " He hissed. I stood up and went to the door. "Sea-Jack. Where are you going? " He snapped. "It's a free period. Meaning I'm aloud to Rome the school. " I mumbled and left. I put my ear buds in and started listening to system of a down. I walked to the theatre room and went in. I walked behind stage and into the little room that everyone had abandoned and forgot about. I sat down in the chair and started sketching out a drawing of the woods. I listened to song after song before feeling tired and fell asleep. When I woke up I realized it was eighth period. I was five minutes late and my new class was on the other end of the school. "Fuck! " I yelled running out the door. When I reached my classroom I was panting. I walked in. "Your late! Why?! " Mr. Onision yelled at me. "I. Fell. Asleep. I'm. Sorry. " I said trying to catch my breathe. He sighed and went back to writing on the board. Everything I already knew. "Jack. Answer this question. If a B chromosome stands for a green eyed baby and a b chromosome stands for a grey eyed baby but there is only twenty five percent of each and the other seventy five percent is just melanin in the eye then what color will the babies eyes mostly be? " He smirked. "Blue. The babies eyes, will most likely be blue. Due to the melanin in the babies eyes being the main percent of it it will mix both of the eye colored chromosomes and have a lighter effect to it due to the huge amount of melanin, causing blue eyes. Giving the baby a ninety -seven percent chance to have blue eyes while the small three percent is only having a very light green or hazel eyes. " I sighed. He growled and turned back to the board. Finally the bell rang and I went to walk home. As I was getting my stuff from my locker someone shouted at me. "Jack! " it was Mark. I ignored it and buried to get my stuff. He got closer to my locker. I tried moving it in between us but he moved it. I sighed. "Mark-" "No. Jack. Why did Wright that letter if you were going to leave me. " He asked, sadness in his voice. I looked him in the eyes, speechless. His perfectly dark chocolate brown eyes were like silk just pulling me in. I snapped out of it. I pulled the locker in between us again but he slammed it shut. "I want answers Jack! " He pleaded. I started to walk but he followed me. "Mark. No. Just drop it. " I said plainly. "No why did you leave? After you wrote that letter and said you had loved me. Why did you leave? " He pleaded again. "Mark, I wasn't thinking straight. I don't fall in love. " "You did with me. " "No mark. No! " "What?! You said-" "Mark I said. I've said a lot of things just like you have. " "Jack just please. You do fall in love. " "No I don't mark! " "How can you not!?! " "Because I Can't! " "why? " " Bad boys don't fall in love. " "I can teach you. " He said calmly. I looked at him. I stared for a few seconds, wanting to say 'Please teach me ' or ' You don't have to teach me. ' but I couldn't. Instead I turned around and ran. I ran back to that stupid house I was stuck in. I ran back to the people who had hated me my whole life. I ran back to a trap. I'm getting tired of running. But that's all I can do. In the middle of running I hit someone's chest, hard. I fell to the ground. "what the hell Jack?! " said Felix. I looked up. "I'm sorry. " I glared. That's when I noticed the blue slushie all over his shirt. "Oh, my bad. Here. " I handed him five bucks. He smiled. "It only costed a dollar. " he smirked. He helped me up. We stopped at the gas station and got us each a slushie. I had gave Felix my shirt to wear so now it was just me in my hoodie. We walked to the park and got a little ice cream cone for the each of us. We started talking. "So, how's you and Mark doing? " he licked his ice cream. I felt my stomach sink. "Oh, uh. We uh... You know... We're uh... We're over. " I mumbled. "oh, sorry about that. " He mumbled back. I cleared my throat, "So... You and Ryan? How's that going? " I asked. He smiled. "Great. He uh... He told me he loved me. " He said quietly. His face beamed with a bright white smile. "That's good for you. At least your suckin diesel. " I smiled. He nodded in response. "Look at that! Jack's walking his pet boy toy! " said to familiar voice. Felix turned around. "Josh, just go home. You're not impressing anyone with that molecule brain of yours. So, just leave. " He sighed. "Listen here you little punk ass bitch I can beat your ass every day of the week. So don't fucking try me. " "I just did bitch. " Felix huffed. I turned around now to. Josh was now in Felix's face. "You going to say anything now bitch? Or are you going to let your boyfriend do it for you? "He spat. "I still haven't sucked a dick, like you. " Felix spat back. Josh growled and punched Felix in his stomach, causing him to fall to the ground. I ran at Josh and punched him in the jaw. "Don't fucking touch him you hear me?!" I shouted. Josh glared at me. "Shut the hell up gay boy. Told you you were dating him. " he hissed. He punched me in my left eye. A pain shot through my head but I fought back. I punched him in his lip, busting it. We continued to through punches until he pushed to the ground. "You wanna fight back back now? " he growled. I growled and kneed him in the dick causing him to fall over. I punched him in the stomach the got up. I kicked him to make sure he wasn't going to come after me or Felix again. He lied there, holding his crotch. "We not together you fucking idiot. We're just best friends. So Fuck you. " Felix spat at him. Me and Felix left him and went home. "See ya Felix. Thanks for the walk. " I smiled. He smiled back and saved goodbye. "No problem. See ya. "he walked away. I sighed and went into my house as quietly as possible. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the counter.

Me and your father went out. We're going to be staying in a hotel for the night. We need to get away and have a us night. You're fully capable of making your own dinner. But don't order anything unless your paying for it. Got it? Don't be ungrateful. Change your ways. If I get home and the house is a mess I'm going to punish your bratty arse.

Well. Looks like I'm alone, again. I went to the fridge and looked in it. Nothing. Okay. Well. I have enough to order a pizza and maybe invite Felix over. I ordered the pizza and called Felix. "Hey Felix. Wanna come over? " "Parents? " "Gone for the night. Staying in the hotel for 'us time'. " "Food? " "Pizza, pepperoni. " "Be there in ten, have the PlayStation set up. " "Got it. " I said and hung up. I got the PlayStation set up on dead by daylight and Felix finally got there when the pizza did. I topped the pizza boy and let Felix in. "So. Pepperoni? Nice. " he said taking a slice. I nodded in response while getting two glasses if sweet tea. Me and Felix played dead by daylight and ate pizza for nearly three hours until he got a phone call. "Hey mom. What? Really? Okay... Be home in ten. " he said hanging up the phone. I looked at him. He said sighed. "Gotta go. " he smiled and stood up. "What's going on? " I asked. "Gotta go home to see my sister. She's visiting from college. See ya. " He said leaving my bedroom. "Bye! " I yelled. I sighed. Now I'm alone. Shit. My phone dinged.

Mom:Sean were going to be home in about ten minutes.

Me:what? I thought you weren't coming home until tomorrow...

Mom:Change if plans. Pulling the driveway.

Shit! I swept the pizza box underneath my bed. I hadn't made a mess at all so that was good. I heard the door unlock and open. I listened from my door way to hear a few stumbles and a thump. Great, they're drunk, well, my dad was at least. "Sean! Come here boy! " I heard him yell. Oh god. I still had bruises from the fight with Josh. If he found out I was in another fight, he would be furious. He could beat me knowing he's drunk. I through on my sunglasses and a beanie and walked down stairs. "yeah dad? " I asked opening the fridge for some water. "Get me a beer. Whiskey was all I had tonight. " he slurred. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a beer. I walked to the living room and set it on the coffee table. "there. " I spat. "Shut it! You stupid ungrateful piece of shite. " My mom mumbled. I growled. She looked at me. "why are ye wearing sunglasses? " She glared. "I don't know. The sun was shinin from me window. " I shrugged. My dad grabbed me and yanked the glasses off. "You got in another fuckin fight?! You little shite! I'm sick of it! I'm gonna teach ye a lesson! " he said rearing his hand back, pounding it I to my stomach. I huffed and doubled over. He stood me back up and continued the same gesture. Finally I threw up. He looked even madder. He growled and punched me in the face, three times to be exact. He let me fall to the floor and kicked me a few times before spitting on me. He got up and went to the kitchen for another beer. My mom then got up and kicked me once with her pointed boots, it hit me right in the center of my chest. She then stepped on top of me continuing walking to her bedroom. My dad did the same thing going to the bedroom. Everything on me hurt. I felt the cold, red liquid pouring out of nose run down my face. I tasted the red, metallic liquid in my mouth from the gash on my lip. Everything felt horrible. I finally made my way up and lined to the door. I finally left. I walked in the freezing cold rain and continued walking. I couldn't go to Felix's. I didn't want to ruin his night, he was seeing his sister. I didn't know where to go. Maybe... I had no other choice. I started walking to Marks apartment in the freezing cold rain, in the middle of the night, alone, injured, and in pain.

*Time skip. *

I saw it. I saw his apartment door and limped up to it. I was tired, cold, injured, and in pain. I slightly knocked on the door. Everything got dizzy. I was-i was- what was I doing? Where am I again? I'm tired. I fell to the ground. Everything was blurry. I heard the door open and a figure at the door. "Oh god! Ma-"


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