Sneak Peak

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*Jacks Dream*

"Why'd you do it?! Why?" "I don't know! I'm sorry!" "No your not!" "Whatever Jack!" "Why would you do that?!" "Because! I was drunk and I was sick and tired of you!" "What?" I felt the tears prickle my eyes as my voice turned to a whisper. I saw the look that said 'its true.' as he said it wasn't. "I'm done." I quietly mumbled. I couldn't take it anymore. He stepped towards me. "Don't say that-" "No! I'm done! This isn't working out! It's clear that you know that to! Goodbye.I'm leaving." I stepped out the door. He opened it."Don't fucking come back!" He raged. I ran.

*End if dream.*

I sprung upwards in my bed,covered in sweat. It was the dream again. Why am I having those dreams again?It's been a year. I looked around the dimly lighted room,the curtains allowing the slightest bit of sun in was the only thing illuminating the room. I sighed as I through the covers off of me. I slowly made my way to the shower,taking off my shirt and throwing it into the hamper in the corner of the bathroom. I took off the rest of my clothes and stepped into the hot shower. The hot water running down my back left a burning sensation that soon just became numb. I stepped out to inhale the hot steamy air. Time to get dressed.

Marks P.O.V.

"Mark honey you need to get out of bed babe." I felt him rubbing my back. "Why are you in my house?" I spoke with my head in the pillows. "I know where the safety key is outside. Now get up." He softly hit my back. "Fuck off. Get out." I mumbled. "Mark! Don't talk to me like that! I'm sorry babe. I will go back to my apartment. Call me if you need me." He kissed my head. I heard the door close and sighed stepping out of bed. "Here we go. Another day, another step closer to death. Sounds appealing right now." I mumbled to myself. I changed clothes and popped back down. One year ago my life fucked me. One year ago came the depression,the pain,and the agony. But I'm bearing through it. Time to start the day.

Jack's P.O.V. (One week later.)

The dreams won't stop. Night after night. That dream just makes me wish I was one step closer to death. I walked down to the mailbox I had and opened it. I had a letter from someone that came in a little blue envelope. "What?" I asked myself before opening it. I pulled out a little card  that read 'YOU'RE INVITED' on it. I sighed and carried it up to my apartment. I didn't read the inside. I just wanted to eat something. I sat it on the little dining table I have and went to the fridge. I glanced at the card,curiosity getting the best of me. I smirked to myself and picked it up,opening it.

'Your invited to the wedding of two lovebirds!

Mark and James Fishbach are being wedded and you've been selected as the best man! Please contact Mark Fishbach for more information.

Wedding date: 11-18-17
Rehearsal dinner :11-16-17&11-17-17'

My smile dropped. I couldn't believe it. He was getting married. I was going to be the best man. I was happy but I couldn't help but hurt. I heard a knock on my door that made me jump. I looked at the letter and put it in the counter drawer. I walked to the door, opening it. I stood there,in shock. "Hi Jack."


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