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Marks P.O.V

"Oh god!  Mark! Mark! " I heard Amy yell from the front door. I ran to her and saw a horrifying sight in front of me. I pushed her aside and scooped him up.  "Amy go get a blanket and a med kit!  Now! " I demanded. She ran as I set him down gently on the couch.  There was a warm blanket covering the couch so he wouldn't get any blood on it.  "Oh god Jack,  what happened? " I whispered cupping his cheek.  Amy ran into the living room and handed me the Med kit.  "Mark who is this?!  Do you know him? " She said,  worry lacing her voice.  "It's Jack.  I don't what happened... " My voice trailed off.  I finished fixing him up. I covered him up with the blanket and sat on the couch next to him.  I couldn't leave his side,  not again.

*time skip*

"Mark it's been two hours. Come on,  just let him sleep. " Amy said handing me a glass of water.  I sipped it and nodded my head.  "OK. "I said going to my bed. I lied down,  I was exhausted but I didn't want to leave him,  I wanted to protect him. I slowly started to drift off to sleep.

*Time skip*

I woke up and looked at the clock besides my bed,  3:33 am.  "Fuck. " I sighed.  I got up and went to the kitchen.  I opened the fridge and grabbed the milk.  I poured me a glass.  I went to check on Jack.  I walked over to the entrance way of the living room and leaned on the frame,  sipping my milk.  I sighed and started to go back to bed before I heard a noise.  I quickly turned around setting my drink down before running over to Jack. I looked at him,  still asleep.  I felt the hope wash away and went to turn around.  I felt something grab my hand.  I spun back around to see Jack lazily opening his eyes. I smiled.  "Jack!  Oh thank god.  I thought you were-" "Mark?  How did I get here?! Why am I here? " he said trying to get up quickly.  I pushed him lightly back down on the couch.  "No no no no!  Don't get up.  You need your rest,  your hurt.  And you just showed up about five hours ago.  I don't know what happened to you but... Whatever it is was it won't happen again. " I said hugging him.  He didn't hug back.  Instead he just sat there and looked at me with sadness and hurt in his eyes.  "It will happen again... " He whispered.  "Wha-jack who did this? " I asked,  not tempting to question what he had said.  "My-my- my dad... " was all he mumbled out before beginning to cry.  I held him,  letting him cry into my shoulder.  "Don't worry,  you can stay here,  with me and Amy. " I stoked his head.  He pulled back and looked up at me.  "Wait... You really have a fiance?!  And she's here?!  You told me you were g-" "Jack!  I am I swear! She's not really my fiance!  She's like a sister to me. " I said wide eyed.  I sighed.  "You should get more rest. " I said extending my hand for him.  He took and I took him to my bedroom.  I motioned my head towards the bed.  He looked at me with a 'this isn't what I think it is right? ' face.  "Jack,  I'm just letting you get comfortable. " I sighed.  He shook his head no.  "I'll take the -" "No you won't.  Your hurt. " I said.  I lied down on my bed and shortly after Jack lied down.  He didn't face me.  "Jack,  I'm not gonna try anything.  You've made it clear,  don't worry. " I sighed.  He shifted a little bit before turning over to face me.  "Mark,  were just friends.  Just... Remember that,  we're over okay? " he had a sad glossy look in his eyes.  I cleared my throat and nodded. I went to the couch and lied down.  I drafted off to sleep with the thought of Jack,  and how I wanted to protect him.

! Time skip!

I sat up off the couch to a smell of something delicious, pancakes.  I walked into the kitchen, not acknowledging the fact I had no shirt on and Jack was here.  "Hey Amy-" I drifted off.  Jack was sitting at the table with a bright red face.  Amy was just standing there.  She cleared her throat and Jack looked down at his plate.  "Um, Mark.  I made breakfast.  I'll get you a cup of coffee while you go get dressed,  how about you go take a shower? " She said motioning me to go get something on. I nodded.  "Thanks. " I said walking to the bathroom.  I got undressed and hopped in the shower.  The hot water felt amazing.  I relaxed into the warm shower.  I washed my hair and body then got out.  I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to my bedroom.  I was going through my drawers for a shirt after I put my boxers on when Jack walked in.  "hey ma- Oh I'm sorry. " he blushed.  I laughed.  "You're fine,  what do you need? " I smiled,  still looking for shirt.  He looked at my chest,  "Um, I was just wondering if maybe...  You could tutor me with math,  I'm having trouble with it. " He mumbled, still staring at my chest. I grabbed my red flannel and slipped it on,  buttoning it.  "No problem,  start tomorrow after school? " I smiled.  He nodded and walked out of the room. I followed shortly putting on my black jeans.

? time skip?

"Mark!  I'm going to buy some groceries!  Be back in about three hours! " Amy yelled.  "You got it! " I yelled back, looking at my school schedule for Friday.  "Shit.  This is gonna take forever to organize. " I mumbled to myself.  Jack walked into the room.  "can I take a shower? " he spoke softly.  I looked up.  "Yeah, I'll get you a towel. Oh,  here I show you we're you're clothes are. " I smiled.  I lead him down the hallway and into my room.  I grabbed him a pair of his clothes and a towel.  I handed them to him.  He looked at me and I stared back.  He sighed and set the stuff down.  He walked over to me and pushed me up against the door.  This took me by surprise.  He started unbuttoning my shirt.  "J-jack? " I stuttered.  He looked at me,  then back to the shirt.  "it was bugging me. " he mumbled buttoning my shirt.  I sighed with some relief in it.  "Oh, here.  You know where the shower is. " I mumbled handing him his stuff.  He nodded and walked to the bathroom.  I went to the living room,  plopping myself down on the couch.  I couldn't help but start thinking of Jack in the shower.  "Oh god dammit Mark. " I mumbled to myself.  I felt my pants get tight.  Shit.  I thought about baseball and that got rid of it.  If I thought about baseball then it would usually go away,  I don't know why,  probably the way the sport is,  or maybe it's just because I don't like baseball.  Just then Jack came out of the bathroom.  He walked into the living room and sat next to me.  "So,  we can tutor me tomorrow?  Oh,  and um... Sorry about that,  my OCD was acting up about that,  it was unevenly buttoned. " He mumbled.  "Jack quit mumbling. I know you can talk normally. " I sighed.  "Sorry. " He said clearing his voice. "And we can tutor whenever.  I can make the time. " I added.  "Oh, OK. " He said quietly while looking down.  "Jack is there something you want to tell me? " I asked.  He looked at me,  as if thinking. He opened his mouth but closed it quickly. He looked back down.  He sighed.  He put his head in his hands.  "Jack? " I said putting my hand in his shoulder. He looked up at me. I stared back.  Then out of nowhere he grabbed my head and kissed me.  It took me by surprise but I kissed back after a second. I held onto his face,  his hands were in my hair.  This was a not a kiss, it was now a make out session. But it was tender, sweet, and... Passionate. We kissed for only about fifteen seconds before he pulled away,  still inches away from my face. "Mnm, we can't. No. We're not doing this again. " He spoke demanding but gentle, or emotional even.  I cleared my throat and nodded. "Yeah, yeah, right... " I sighed. I moved away from him on the couch.  He put his head back in his hands. "Jack if there's somethin-" "I'm fine!  I don't want to talk about it... " He trained off.  I thought to myself for a second.  "Jack? " "What? " "Why did you write that note? " I spoke soft and gentle,  quite.  He fell silent, breathing slowly.  He looked up.  "What note? " He asked,  as if pretending.  I pulled the note out of my back pocket.  I handed it to him and let him read it.  He folded it back up and threw it on the coffee table. "Mark, It's not like it's true. I was being dumb. Nothing was real that we had,  face it... Don't lie to yourself. " He said.  My heart shattered.  "Y-yeah. " I spoke quietly.  I sighed.  "I um... Didn't see you in class yesterday? " I questioned.  He nodded.  "My mom called and switched my classes,  I'm in Mr. Onisions class. " He said calmly.  I nodded.  "Still going to be my teachers aid for first period? " I asked.  He shrugged.  "Yeah, maybe...  " He trailed off. "Jack since we're not together, it may be awkward and all,  but I really enjoy your company. So...can we at least be friends? " I smiled.  He smiled back.  "Yeah,  I'd like that.  Friends. Best friends. " He smiled.  "Wanna play Mario cart eight? " I smirked.  "Hell ya I do! " He lit up.  There was no denying that I didn't love him, but that's out of the question now.  I can't deny that I love him, but I will deny that I won't have anything to do with him... Even if that means just being friends. Best friends. 

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