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*play music when told*

Marks P.O.V

It's been two months since me and Jack got back together now. His mom and dad got into a fight with me, him and Amy because he decided to move in and they took it to court.  The court trial was today, me, Amy and Jack were driving to the court house. "This is bullshit! Jack should be aloud to do whatever the fuck he pleases! " Amy growled.  "Well if you hadn't have beat the fuck out of my mom then maybe we wouldn't be heading to court to decide my fate. " Jack smirked.  Amy playfully punched his arm.  "She fucking hit you. I'm not gonna just stand there and do nothing! " She laughed defensively.  "She was only doing my job for me.  I can't hit a woman but she can,  she's my hitman. "I smirked.  They both laughed. We pulled up to the courthouse. We got out. I looked over at Jack and Amy.  They both looked calm.  "let's get this the fuck over with. " Jack mumbled walking towards the entrance. Me and Amy looked at each other. "You nervous? " "Fucking terrified. " She replied.  We sighed and caught up with Jack. 

*time skip*

Jack's P.O.V

I was literally fucking nervous. I had just got called up to the stand. "Sean William McLaughlin.  Your here today because you don't wish to live with your parents anymore but with your boyfriend and his friend? " The judge spoke demanding. "Yes your honor. " "Why is this? ""Because your honor, my parents abuse and miss treat me while my boyfriend and his friend have taken care of me and fixed my injuries that my parents have caused. " "What have your parents done to you? " "They have beaten me, cussed me out, made me do things that I didn't want, and have done basically every form of abuse but sexual by now. " My mother stood up.  "Objection! ""Accepted. " "We have never lied a hand on this boy. We love him with all our heart. Me would never do such a fowl thing! And his boyfriend is his teacher!  That's against the law and its considered as a sex offender act! " She yelled.  "Is this true? " "No your honor.  He is not my teacher. He is employed as a teacher at the highschool I went to this year but is not my teacher. And please note sir, I'm eighteen and he is twenty-two.  " "Stand corrected. Now.  Is it true that your parents have not abused you? " "Yes sir it is. " It is not you liar! " My dad yelled.  Amy stood up.  "Yes it is and I have proof! " She yelled. The whole courtroom fell silent, including me.  "your honor, I have evidence of his abuse. In message form and photos. If I may show them. " She said calmly.  The judge nodded a 'yes' and she made her way to the machine that put photos on a screen.  She plugged her phone into it and pulled up are messages. "Here is a text conversation between me and Jack not even a week ago where he was texting me, begging me to come and get him because he was just hit by his dad and verbally assaulted.  Then she showed the messages.

Jack:Amy, can you come get me?

Me:Yeah why? What happened?

Jack:My dad just hit me in the stomach and it hurts so bad. They're yelling at me, telling me of how much of a fucking disappointment I am.  They're telling me that it would have been better if I had died at birth.  Amy please I don't think I can take much more.

Me:Holy shit. Okay Jack, can you leave?  I'll be there in about ten minutes.  I'm in my way don't worry just lock yourself in your room, me and mark are coming.

Jack:Okay. And no, I can't leave. They said that they're to ashamed of me to let me leave.  Please just hurry.

Me:almost there.  Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Jack:I hope so...

*End of conversation. *

I had almost forgot about that.  "And your honor, if that's not enough. Two months ago Jack showed up and mine and marks doorstep covered in blood, bruises, cuts, and was soaking wet from the rain, passed out at the door.  And I have pictures.  She pulled pictures if me covered in blood with skin that was so white I looked dead, I had purple bruises and lips, my hair soaked and my shirt off.  Mark was kneeling beside me tending to my cuts. I didn't even know she had those pictures. But thank god she did.  The judge sat in silence.  "I've made a choice.  Sean may either live with Mark Edward Fishbach and his friend or he may come continue in the residents of his parents under severe watch and supervision.  Sean, what is your choice? " The judge smiled at me.  "I want to live with Mark. " I smiled.  The judge nodded.  "From this day forward Sean William McLaughlin is now a resident of Mark Edward Fishbachs household. And Florice and James McLaughlin have ten years jail time for child abuse. " The judge hit his mallet thing on his desk and the two cops at the end of each room handcuffed my parents.  I ran and jumped into Marks arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. "We did it! " He smiled.  I kissed him.  He sound me around and then start me down. I kissed him again.  Amy ran and engulfed us in a group hug.  "Your free! We did it! " She yelled. I smiled. "Thank you so much for doing that Amy. You're the only reason this happened. " I hugged her.  "Awe, thanks. I'm so happy I got to help. I love your two! " She said engulfing us in a group hug again.  After the hug ended we headed home. Home.  I loved the sound of that word now.  When we got to the apartment I ran in and popped myself down on mine and Marks bed. He came in shortly after and plopped down with me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close to his chest.  I lied on his chest.  "Sing me a song. " I mumbled.  "What? " He chuckled. "Sing me a song? Please? " I poured. He smiled.

*Play music here*

"Merrily we fall
Out of line, out of line
I’d fall anywhere with you
I’m by your side

Swinging in the rain
Humming melodies
We're not going anywhere until we freeze

I’m not afraid, anymore
I’m not afraid

Forever is a long time
But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side

Carefully we're placed for our destiny
You came and you took this heart, and set it free
Every word you write or sing is so warm to me, so warm to me
I’m torn, I’m torn to be right where you are

I’m not afraid, anymore
I’m not afraid

Forever is a long time
But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side
Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile
I wouldn't mind it at all
I wouldn't mind it at all

You so know me
Pinch me gently
I can hardly breathe

Forever is a long, long time
But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side
Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile
I wouldn't mind it at all
I wouldn't mind it at all"

He finished singing the last note. "You've got a amazing voice. " I smiled.  "I've got a amazing boyfriend. " He kissed my cheek. I laughed. "You make me happy Jack. I really love you. "He sighed. I smiled. "You make me happy to, I love you so much. "I smiled.   Happy.  A word I nev thought I'd say again,  or feel again, but here I am.  I'm finally happy.


*Sequel will be out. Don't know when tho but yeah. Bye lil shits. *

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