Play time

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Jacks P.O.V

It was after school and me and Mark were meeting Mr.Terry and Felix at Marks apartment. "Jack, you have a phone call." Mark said handing me my phone. "Hello?" "Sean! We're coming home this Saturday. Well, two days. Have your friend Mark pick us up at the airport." "Mom?! Your coming home in two days?! Mom that's crazy. You should stay!" "Sean stop being stupid. We're coming home. How are grades? I expect they're good? Had that Mr.Fishbach or Mark been tutoring you? Have you two done anything?" "What?! Mom! What is wrong with you?! He's my teacher!" "Sean, you stayed with him for three months. I am not taking any risks. Now, has that man done anything to you?" "No! He's a good man mom! Jesus christ!" "Sean! Watch it! Now. Have him pick us up at seven sharp! With you there. Bye" She said before she hung up. "Fuckin bitch." I mumbled. "Jack, what did she say? And shes coming home?" Mark asked. I nodded. "She didn't say anything. Everything's fine." I said kissing his cheek. We got in the car. When we got to Marks apartment there was a note on the door. 'Mark, Jack. We got tired of waiting. Were in your apartment. Just letting you know so you don't kill us. -Ryan and Felix' "God they're fucking idiots." Mark mumbled before opening the door. Ryan and Felix were setting on the couch making out. "Dude on my fucking coach?! Really?!" Mark said making them jump. Felix laughed. "Got tired of waiting. Had to have some fun." He smirked. "There is a fucking Xbox one and a fucking Ps4 right there you sack of dicks!" I added in. "Uh, didn't notice them?" Ryan said. Mark growled and sat down next to them. I sat down next to Mark. "So, me and Jack are fucking our teachers." Felix said breaking the silence. Mark shot up. "Me and Jack are NOT fucking! Were, umm...What are we?" Mark said out of nowhere. I looked at him. "I don't know. I mean, um... Boyfriends?" I said. "Fuck buddies?" Felix smirked. "Felix shut the fuck up!" Me and Mark yelled  at the same time. Felix laughed. "I can give you a F Felix. I am your teacher!" Mark said. Felix quit laughing. Mark smirked. "Now, um. Are we boyfriend's?" Mark asked me. "You never asked me, so I don't know." I said. He smiled. "Well then, Jack. Will you be my boyfriend?" Mark smiled. I smiled and kissed him. "Is that a yes?" He asked. "Yep." I said.

*Time skip cuz im feelin it.*

Ryan and Felix had already left and I was getting impatient. Mark went to take a shower thirty minutes ago. "Maark! Come on!" I said. I heard Marks laugh. He came into the room with nothing but a towel. "Oh, uh." I said turning red. Mark smiled. "Like what ya see?" He said. I nodded. "Well, then. Wanna see more?" He said. Fuck, I was getting turned on. I nodded. He smiled. He lowered the towel a little to reveal his V line. He pulled the towel back up and walked over to me. He leaned over me. "Naughty boy." He whispered in my ear while lightly tugging on my earlobe with his teeth. He stood back up and went to put on some clothes. I was frozen, but I managed to grab his arm. He looked at me. I stood up and pulled him over to me. I looked him in  his eyes. "What are doing to me?" I said before kissing him. He kissed back. The kiss got rougher and more passionate. He pulled away for a gasp of air. "We shouldn't do this." He said. "Shut up." I huffed. He started to kiss me more. He pushed me up against the wall. "This is against the rules." I said. He growled,"Fuck the rules." while moving to my neck. He found my sweet spot. "M-mark." I quietly moaned. "Louder." Was all he said before kissing and sucking on my sweet spot harder. "Mark!" I moaned a little loader. "Mm, Loader." He said still attacking my sweet spot. He started lightly nipping at it. "M-Mark!" I practically yelled. I felt him smile against my neck, "That's better." He growled. He pulled away and started to remove my shirt. Once he got it off he stopped and stared. "God your fucking hot." he whispered. I got tired from loss of contact and pulled him into a kiss. He moved back down to my neck but I pulled him back to my lips. He licked my lips. 'Nope' I thought. Mark growled. He bit my lower lip. "Mmm." I moaned. He slipped his tongue in my mouth. He pulled away for air. "Your breaking your own rule." I huffed. "Fuck it." He huffed back. He started kissing me again. He picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pressed me up against the door. I could feel his boner through the towel, and he could probably feel mine. I strolled my hand to his boner and slipped my hand in the towel. Mark grunted. I lightly ran my hand across his shaft. "Jack." He moaned. "Does daddy like that~?" I smirked. He moved to the bed. My hand was still in the towel. I slowly started running my hand up and down his shaft. "J-Jack." He moaned. God that was music to my ears. I decided to tease. I stopped and took my hand out of the towel. "Play times over daddy." I smiled. He grunted and leaned his head back on the headboard. "God fucking dammit." He whispered. I smirked. I lied down on the bed and started lightly stroking my waist to tease him. He stared at me. "Jack this is not the time to be a fucking tease." He said annoyed. "Is daddy upset?" I frowned. I stopped and crawled on top of him. I sat directly on his boner. He grunted. "Does daddy want more?" I asked. He just looked at me. "What's with the name 'Daddy'?" He asked. I shrugged. "Figured you would like it." I whispered in his ear. I kissed him. I started grinding on him. He moaned. After all, he is just wearing a towel, so I decided to take advantage of that. I moved one part of the towel out of my way to reveal his boner. I looked at it then back up at him, you could tell he was nervous. I slowly placed a kiss on the head. He gasped. "You like that?" I smirked. He nodded. "Time for some fun, Daddy."

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