Back to school

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Jacks P.O.V

It was time to go back to school. It fucking sucked. "Jack. Jack. Wake up." I heard a husky voice say. It was Mark. "Mm, Fuck off." I said shifting in bed."Jack, come on. Get ready." Mark said again. I groaned and cover my head with the blankets. I heard Mark sigh. Out of no where I felt something pick me up. "What the fuck?!" I yelled. I clung to Marks neck. Mark giggled and kissed my nose. "You asshole." I said trying not to smile. Mark kissed my nose again. "You know you love me." He grinned. I smiled. "Damn it. You got me." I said. Mark put me down and I got up. We left and went to school.

*Time skip.*

I walked into math class to see my teacher, Mr.Pepper. He was a complete asshole. He looked at me and smiled. "Ahh, Sean. Quite delightful to have you back." He grinned. "It's Jack." I said. He frowned. He got about one inch away from my face, "Listen here. I will call you whatever the Fuck I want to. Got that pretty boy? Because if you don't I will-" "Jack? Are you okay? Oh, Mr.Pepper, I need to see Jack for a moment." Said a deep voice, Mark. Mr.Pepper faked a smile. "Why, yes. Of course you can see Sean for a moment." He said with a smile. "My name is Jack!" I said, clearly aggravated. "Yes, I know Jack. We teachers are instructed to make the student feel comfortable, so we have to call you Jack." Said Mark, Looking at Mr.Pepper. Mr.Pepper growled then went back to writing something on the board. I walked with Mark in the hallway. "You just saved my fucking life. Thank you." I said. He nodded. "No prob. Just a quick favor though. I need a teachers assistant. For this period. It would get you out of Peppers class. Plus I could teach you that in tutoring." He said desperately. I smiled. "Fuck yeah!" I said a little to loud. "Jack! Language!" Said Mr.Howell. I looked at him. "Oh like you watch your language!" I said stating the obvious. "I do." He said defensively. "You told Mr.Lestser to I quote  'Eat a bag of dicks' Then proceeded to call him a rat, then to top  it off, you told him to fuck off." I said smiling. Mr.Howell smiled. "Europeans have the worst potty mouths don't they?" He said chuckling while walking away. Mark turned to me. "You snoop." He said. I laughed. We filled out the paperwork and I started my new day as teacher assistant. About thirty minutes after class started Mark asked me to come with him, that he needed help. We walked out into the hall and he started whispering something to me. "Come in the bathroom about two minutes after me." He whispered. I nodded and went back into class. "Oh, great." Said Damon. "Oh shut the fuck up Damon!" I said. He stood up. "What the hell are you going to do?!" He semi-yelled. "Remember the end of the year party two years ago? Remember all the 'fun' we had?" I said smirking. He turned red and sat back down. "Jack your gay?!" said a voice in the back, of course it had to be Yammi. "Yes, yammi, I'm gay. I just came out. I have a boyfriend to." I said smiling."Who?" said someone I don't even know. "Well, he hasn't really asked me yet... But were technically dating. And I would rather keep that, private." I said rubbing my neck. "I know who it is." Said Felix, one of my friends. "You do?!" I said. Felix nodded, "Mmhmm." He smiled. I pulled him out of the classroom. "How the fuck do you know?!" I said. He smiled and held up my phone. I took it from him. "Naughty little Jackaboy deserves a detention." He said. "Shut the fuck up!" I said. He smiled. "Don't worry, your not the only one." He grinned. "Who?!" I said. He grinned. "Guess." He smiled. Just then Mr.Terry walked up. "Hey Fefe are we still going on that date tonight?"He asked. "Your dating my social studies teacher?!" I whisper yelled. Mr.Terry turned to me. "Uhh, Jack?! Shit, um...Jack, look. I know this is illegal and all but just hear me out-" "Don't worry cry, he's with Fishbach." Felix said cutting him off. He looked at me. "You were able to break that asshole?" He said sounding very surprised. "Hey!" Said Mark walking up behind me. "Sorry. But you two are dating?!" He asked. Mark froze, he looked at me and back at them. Felix started laughing. "Felix is dating him." I said pointing to Mr.Terry. Mark relaxed. "We all need to get back to class. We will talk after school, seriously." Mark said. With that we all went back to class. This was very eventful.

Authors Note: Incase your confused about Pewdiepie dating a teacher named Mr.Terry is because cryoatics (Cry) real name is Ryan Terry. Just letting you know. Bye.

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