The Punk

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Jacks P.O.V.

Today was the day we were finally getting a new fucking teacher. the old one was a pain the fucking ass, although my teachers could say the same. I was two weeks into school and I hated it. I want to go back to Ireland, but my parents thought that this was a opertunity for me to straiten my life up. But that didn't happen did it? Nope. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the bathroom. That's were I smoke. I'm going to be late for the last period,biology. But the new teacher can wait.

Marks P.O.V.

Today was my first day as a teacher. I was a biology teacher. The principal walked me to my class room. When we got in there I saw a lot of kids."Class, this is your new teacher. His name is Mr.Fishbach, you are expected to listen to him. I will see my way out Mr.fishbach. have a nice day class." The principal said. He walked out and closed the door. The class looked at me in silence."Well, hello. As you heard my name is Mr.fishbach. Any quest-" I was cut off by the door slamming open. "Uhh, hi. I'm Mr.Fishbach. And you are?" I asked. The student looked at me and then looked away. I saw piercing blue eyes and green hair. "Jack. " he said. "Well, Jack. Can you be early on time. I mean, I don't really care but-" he cut me off."Sure.Not promising." He said and went to take a seat. "AS I was saying. I'm Mr.Fishbach, Does anyone have any question about anything?" I asked. Immediately hands went up. I pointed to a girl with brown hair and green eyes."Why are you answering questions we have to ask you about your self?" She asked. "Well,I believe that for a better connection that students and teachers should be more open to each other. To me its considered as something that could be useful in the future. Any other questions?" I said. A boy raised his hand. I pointed to him."How old are you?" He asked. "I'm 21 years old." I said. I answered a few more questions when I saw that green headed students hand go up. I pointed to him."Yeah, what's your rules in here or what? Cause if there like other teacher then well, screw you." He said. "Well. I only have one rule. That I don't fall for any of my students and none of my students fall for me. Otherwise, do what ever the fuck you want. Be free and be teens. Cause I'll tell you one thing.I'm going to teach, but I'm going to teach how I want." I said. "OK. What the fuck ever." He said. I started my lesson.

*Time Skipp*

The bell rang and everyone was gone. I decided to get changed in the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom to hear someone talking."That fucking teacher, I fucking hate him already. ' Hello class I'm Mr.Fishbach'Yeah what the fuck ever." Said the person. I realized who it was. I stayed quiet and slipped into the a stall. I got changed into a red v neck and blue jeans. O stayed quiet and slipped out of the stall. I heard a lighter light and then coughing. "Jack? What are doing?" I said remembering the kids name. "Shit!" I heard him say. He came out of another stall and looked at me. "Wasn't doing anything." He said as he went to walk out. I stepped in front of the door. "What the fuck?!" He said. "What were you doing?" I asked. "Fucking Nothing!" He said.I sighed."Jack. I'm not fucking stupid. I know what you were doing. You were getting high. How old are you?" I asked. "Fine. Yeah I was. And I'm 18 so back the fuck off." He said. I sighed. "Jack come to my classroom." I said. "Mother fucker." He said following me to my classroom. Once we got to the classroom I locked the door."woah. What the fuck are doing?" He asked. "Jack,chill the fuck out." I laughed. I turned around. "Well. Can I go?" He asked. "well, you going to smoke that?" I asked."What?" He asked. I grabbed his hand and held it to his face." The fucking joint. Are you going to smoke it? Cause if you are, you better do it now." I said. "Wait. Your willing to let me smoke pot in your classroom?" He asked. "Sure, but your going to share right?" I smirked. "You dickbag." He said. "Well. Are you?" I asked. He lit the joint and handed it to me. "Fucking finally!" I said. I started puffing.

*time Skipp*
We were high as balls after we smoked the joint. We were also still in my classroom."You know, you should give me a chance." I said. He looked at me. "What do you mean?" He said coughing. "I know you don't like any of your teachers, and I don't like anyone here either, but you should at least give me a chance. " I explained. He sighed."I should shouldn't I.I just don't like it here." He said. "Jack I know, I don't like it here we friends?" I asked. He smiled."Yeah,friends." He said. He looked down for a second and then back at me."What's your gender preference?" He asked. I'm gay, but he might not approve of that."well,whats yours?" I asked. He looked down for another second. Then back at me."im gay." He said real quietly. I smiled. "Jack, I'm gay to. Your fine." I said. "OK. Well my parents don't know, and my dad would kill me if he found out.My mom? I don't know what she would do. They also don't know I smoke weed. They would both litteraly kill me if they found out." He said frowning. "Oh. Well my dad died when I was sixteen from cancer and my mom and stepmom became friends an they know I'm gay. They just don't know that there son and step son is a pothead. My mom and dad got divorced when me and my brother were kids so he remarried to my step mom."I explained. He nodded."Hey Mr.Fishbach" I cut him off."Call me mark." I said. He nodded."hey mark? Could I come over to your house, just until the high wears off. I cant let my parents see me high or find out." He asked. I thought."yeah sure. I could use some company." I said. He smiled. We got up. When we got out to the parking lot Jack pulled out his phone."I'm calling mm Mom. I'm telling her I'm going to a friends house for a bit. " He said. I nodded and sat on the hood of my car. "Hey ma. I'm going to go to my friends house for a bit. Is it okay? OK ma. Tà sè ina fear maith.Nach bhufil sè ag cosúil liomsa! Yes mamaí.Is breà liom tú a. Bye ma."Jack said. I stood there. "what the fuck?" I said. He looked at me."what?" He asked."what the fuck was that weird jibber jabber?"I asked. He laughed."I'm Irish idiot!Ireland has a native language. Its called Irish Gaelic you idiot!" He said still laughing. "I'm not a geography teacher! Sure I like history and geography but I'm a biology teacher!" I said. We got in the car and started to drive.

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