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"I swear to god Maddie, you promised!" I raise my voice, nearly yelling into my phone.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry Kristina, but something important came up." She sighs and I roll my eyes, even though she can't see me.

"Whatever." I sigh as well. "I'll just go alone." I add. Now I'm even more nervous to go to Magcon. Maddie was suppose to come and we were suppose to have a great time but of course she has to bail.

"I'm truly sorry, but I have to go." She hangs up. I throw my phone on my bed and it sinks in my duvet. I soon fall next to it, plunging into the mattress. I let out an over dramatic groan and check the time.

The events start in an 2 hours so I need to get my ass moving if I'm going to do this. I'm only nervous cause I hate large crowds when I'm alone but whatever, this is my dream to meet the boys so I can suck it up.

I finally get off my bed and pick out an outfit consisting of navy jeggings, grey vans and a young and reckless shirt. After that, I head into the bathroom and fix my face up a bit with some makeup. After applying my second coat of mascara, I straighten my hair.

Finally, after collecting my phone and purse, I head to my car and pull onto the road.

The building is about a half an hour away so I put on my favorite play list and sing along to the music. Macgon boys, here I come.


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