Chapter 22: Link's Past

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Link's POV

I woke from a nightmare, in cold sweat. I saw a pair of bright green eyes …. it reminded me of the times when I would wake from a nightmare to find a pair of red eyes looking down at me…

Around me was the same room that I had fell asleep in, the same room that I dreaded to wake up to but oh well might as well face the jungle club sooner or later….I have no clue LOL

"Hey, how long has it been?"

"Few hours, u okay?"

"Yeah just a nightmare, no biggie. What's with the bruises?!" I asked worriedly

"Didn't look like 'just a nightmare to me' and yeah they came down here and they tried to take you somewhere but I stopped them, kinda, they're gone for now." 

"Yeah well it's something to do with unpleasant memories. Oh thank you! If they had got their hands on me I don't know what would've happened! Thank you Matt!"

"It's Mail"


"My name, it's Mail. Mail Jeevas. Keep it safe, I trust you." 

"Wow, thanks Mail :) hehe of course I'll keep it safe! I trust you too! ….

 My name is Luna Birthday"

Matt stared at me for a few seconds…uh oh, had I done something wrong?! Why I am worrying about this when I've just been kidnapped I don't know but it still bothered me, why was he looking at me like that?

Finally he said something,

"You mean like … Beyond Birthday?"

"You know Beyond?!" I asked curiously. Hmm I wonder how he knew Beyond.

"Of course! He's the serial killer!" 

"He's the what?!" 

"Serial killer! LA BB Murder Cases! It was all over the news a few years back"

"Umm you do realise that you don't watch the news when you're living on the streets or in a mental asylum silly" 

"Oh right…well he's a serial killer and he used to go to Wammy's, I knew him a little. Mello told me all about the LA BB Murder Cases, it was L who caught him you know!"

"Beyond is my brother" 

"He's your what?" 

"Brother, he's my brother. I've not seen him in years, he disappeared….well I just couldn't track him down after what happened…. I wish I could have been there for him.."

"Everyone says he's insane, even before A's death he was a bit crazy, I can see the resemblance there. What do you mean after what happened?"

"Okay I think we both have some explaining to do. First who's A?

"He's one of the other students that went to Wammy's. Him and BB were one of the first to be trained as L's successor. A was BB's friend but he committed suicide because the pressure was too much."

"Oh…wait who's BB?"

"Beyond Birthday, BB, or B because everyone, as you know, at Wammy's has a letter"

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