4- Grown Up Time

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It's December 1st!! I brought my Reindeer Antlers to school today... Everyone kept on bullying me and taking my Reindeer Antlers and Flashing Red Nose off me T-T

Okay. People have been asking for a Kar27/Karma X Tsuna story. So~ I'll be making this a Kar27 story. Let's see what I'll make up, ne? Hope you still read this~!


Korosensei was in a store, at the counter, paying for his groceries.

"Hey there, big teach! Long time no see!" The man at the counter said as Korosensei went up to him.

"I know. Thank goodness for payday." After that, he walked out the shop where he saw a blond chick getting hit on by three men.

"Hey cut it out." They ignored this and kept on pestering her. "Come on. My students are waiting for me."

"He~ Then can you teach us? We're stupid." Korosensei appeared behind them; they looked behind, scared.

"Then, let me teach you lot how to get and flirt with the ladies." He suddenly threw them in their car. "First step, know what your wheels say about your game." Their car was covered in ribbons as the three protested asking him why he just used pink. "There is no next step." The car drove off and the women thanked the octopus.

"Who says Chivalry is dead?" The woman leaned on Korosensei. "You're a prince among men. By the way, I'm trying to find Kunugigaoka Junior High!"

We turn to a scene where the three teachers are at the front and everyone is looking at them- apart from our favorite brunet who is asleep.

"Meet the new teacher who will serve in the E-Class function." Everyone looked at her weirdly. Mainly because of the position she is in. She is hugging Korosensei with one leg up.

"Hi! My name is Miss Irina Jelavic. Nice to meet you." The students waited to see what Korosensei's expression would change to. 'So we know what some of his other expressions are. But what's the color for hot and bothered?' Nagisa's question was answered when the octopus' face turned a bright pink color with blushes. 'He blushes like human!' Everyone in the class thought, looking at the man/octopus in question.

|| 5. Boobs ||

Then they started thinking about not trusting the woman next to him. Tsuna started to wake up. His eyes widened at the sight.

"Nee-chan?!" His classmates were confused and surprised by the sudden outburst because 1) Tsuna had never looked surprised or lost his cool (apart from when he cried when Takeshi joined) & 2) He claimed Irina to be his big sister.

"Tsuna-Otouto, Takeshi?!" This confused the class and Korosensei- Karasuma just raised an eyebrow- further. "I-I thought you two were still in Namimori." Her voice was still kind and sweet. That was when Tsuna froze and had a sadden look in his eyes and guilt was written on Takeshi's face so, Irina said no more. "I won't ask about it. You can tell me later. Anyway! I'll be teaching you in the art of language." Karasuma nodded at the blonds statement as the class nodded and calmed down. The lessons went on.

Time Skip

"Let me see you pass the ball!" Korosensei shouted as he and the students but Tsuna and Takeshi played 'pass and kill'.

"And of course I had all the close range tricks at the ready. Apparently the art of seduction works on whatever the hell he his!" A certain bitch said to Karasuma. 'Irina Jelavic. First rate Assassin.

Beautiful. Intelligent. Athletic. Fluent in a dozen languages. No target is immune to her charms; what ever the nationality. However, well-guarded. She wrote the book on infiltration and approach.'

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