5- Assembly Time

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Picture is Rin (who will come up during Kunudon's speeches).

Whilst I was stuck on this chapter with writers block, I started to edit my earlier chapters. I came across this one joke I used in Karma Time when Takeshi joined. It's was 'Tsuna banged the table (like that one scene from Code: Geass)'. I look back at it and think 'So only I found it funny?? I have a horrible sense of humor after all.' That's all I wanted to say. Bai •3•


"Thank you for the help children, I really appreciate it," Korosensei said as he and two others were taking some lab equipment to the classroom.

"You may have more hands than the rest of us, but it'll still be a stretch to take this all by yourself." The girl, revealing to be Kataoka, replied picking up a box of equipment.

"Exactly. Now it's a one trip job." Was her answer from the octopus as he grabbed more test tubes. "No wonder you were both elected as class officers. So reliable."

"Thanks." The boy, now revealed to be Isogai, said. "But you really could've done this on your own without us. A couple of trips back and forth."

"I suppose I could've, yes. But the more the merrier, aye?" Korosensei retaliated, not giving them room for arguments.

"I have a question, sir." Isogai started. "Are you starting to feel at home? Like with all of us?"

"Wow. I can't believe you're really asking him that." Kataoka was surprised. She didn't expect him to ask a creature about to destroy the Earth, something like that.

"Put in those terms, I'd say I feel incredibly at home- as your teacher." He quickly added, trying not mix up any emotions.

"That's strange." Was the only reply from Kataoka.


"Well, yeah. A creature like you taking an interest in students like us isn't something you see every day." Before Kataoka could speak, Isogai replied instead.

"I mean you actually teach us. That's borderline cool. Just takes some getting used to." The other said as they entered the

"Yeah. No kidding." Isogai agreed with her statement. Then they opened the doors to see the following.

• Karma teasing Tsuna, AGAIN
• Everyone chatting
• Takeshi was taking pictures
• Maehara, Okajima and Mimura attempting another assassination

"Then there's the whole assassination thing." He added as they watched Korosensei dodge all three and take the equipment and set it up. During this process, his eyes landed on Tsuna, who suddenly froze and his eyes widened. Curious, he went up to Tsuna, everyone else's eyes followed, a tapped in on his shoulder. Karma waved a hand in front of his face, knocking Tsuna out of his trance.

"Takeshi. Demon." Takeshi's eyes widened. He was here. Somehow. But the real question is... Why? Is it to end Tsuna? Or to beg for his forgiveness? Knowing him, it's impossible to tell unless you look, dead in his eyes. 5 seconds Tsuna said those words, the door slammed open, revealing a boy with black hair, standing.

"Nyoogh!" Korosensei yelped as he finished setting the equipment; Tsuna collapsed on the floor with Karma holding him (for some reason *ahem*totallynotfortheship*ahem*) and Takeshi frozen. Then Karasuma and Irina came.

"What's wrong?" Irina asked, then she looked at the boy. "S-Skylark?" That ticked him off.

"Shut up, Bitch-Herbivore." Everyone was shaken. Who was this guy? And if Irina knows him, is he another assassin, assigned to kill Korosensei?

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