1- Assassination Time

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Everyone had a confused look and thought the same thing. 'There are so many things wrong with this picture!' One of the people in suits spoke up.

"Uhh. I'm Karasuma. And I'm from the ministry of defense. I'm gonna tell you something that we in the business call classified. Ah hell, I'll come straight out with it. We need you to kill this thing. For the sake of mankind." Everyone blinked in surprise and confusion.

"I'm sorry. But is this a joke? Because if that the alien who blew u-" He was cut off by the octopus.

"Upupup! I'm a full fledged human, born in planet earth!" He ranted his arms everywhere.

"I'm not obliged to give you all the info but I can say that he's telling the truth. And his threat is all too real. For in this upcoming march, he'll obliterate the Earth. So far, only you guys and the leaders of the world know this. If word gets out, it'll cause world wide panic." He reached for his inner pocket. "So what I'm saying is, you guys need to become assassins." He swung a green knife at the octopus but it was dodged with ease. He kept attacking and the octopus kept dodging. "Now you'll see that he is very fast. You try to kill him! And he starts grooming eyebrows." Karasuma twitched in anger and then swung again whilst yelling. "Immaculately!" The octopus' face turned pink for a bit before Karasuma swung again. He regained his composure. "You're looking at a being so powerful, he can obliterate over half the moon in seconds. He is so fast, he moves at Mach 20. A world where he's allowed to live is a world waiting to be destroyed. Plain and simple."

"He makes it sound so grim doesn't he?" He said as he put away a set of tweezers and other grooming equipment. "Cheer up! I've graciously made the government an offer. Stop making a fool out of yourselves trying to kill me, I said," One tick. "and let me teach Class-3E." Karasuma now had two tick marks on his head.

"We didn't have much of a choice. We didn't know what his motives are. But we made an agreement that none of kids are to be harmed in any way. It's a twofold. One, we'd be able to know where his is weekday which is an upper. And two, he'll be in close range. It'll be thirty to one on this." At first everyone was hesitant apart from Tsuna who said it would be fun, "If you do this, you'll have a pay of 10 billion yen. It's only fair." but that changed their minds quickly. They agreed to the deal.

The Next Day, Tsuna's POV

Everyone was anxious as they for their new teacher to come. Asides from me. Being an assassin had its upsides. A few seconds later, he showed up.

"Okay class let's start off the day. Class monitor, if you please." The octopus said as Nagisa replied.

"Right!" Everyone stood up. "Ready. Aim. Fire!" Everyone but me kept shooting BBs everywhere. The octopus started taking roll call as I calculated where he was goqing to retreat to. After all, I can keep my eyes up with the speed of Mach 20 after Reborn's tor-training and my own. 'There... and three... two... one.'


Everyone stopped to see two of his tentacles on the floor, going haywire.

"Wao. I guess that these really do hurt you." Everyone turned to look at me; the octopus had green stripes, covering his face as he did so.

"Very good, Sawada. You calculated to where I would retreat to and fired there. If I knew any better, you would be an actual assassin or hitman. Though I am just kidding." Tsuna deadpanned at the octopus. 'You have no idea how right you were...' He turned to the rest of the class. "As you can see, these pierce into me like an actual bullet. However, over time, I regenerate the lost limb." True to his words, a tentacle grew back. "A function you won't have when you poke your eye out." Touché. "So from now on, no discharging during class." Everyone nodded and sat back down as the lesson started. "Isogai. Which tentacle is the odd one out?"

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