3- Karma Time

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It seems that most people wanted the option of:

Tsuna sees Nagisa and Kayano as his little brother/sister

So it'll be Tsuna sees them as siblings!!!

Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while. I haven't got much patience and I find it hard to concentrate when there is stuff going around me sooo... And this one is twice as long as the others.


Authors POV

We turn to a scene where the students are doing PE with their new PE teacher, Karasuma, and Korosensei watching them (sounds creepy).

"Shouts resounding on the schools sunny grounds. How peaceful... Or it would be if they didn't have weapons." Korosensei commented as he watched the students training on how to use a knife.

"One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! One! Two!" Their shouts continued as Karasuma gave them advice.

"Swing your knifes without hesitation, through the eight strikes! Treat every swing as kill strike!" He shouted as they did exactly that. He then spoke to the octopus. "I'm going to need you to go somewhere else. From now on, PE is my department."

"But I'm lonely." Korosensei said, looking down.

"Find something else to do like, there's a sandbox over there. Have a field day." He suggested to which Korosensei went over there and played with the sand, sadly, as anime tears were shed.

"You're mean Karasuma. The children liked my PE lessons too." Korosensei argued but was denied by Sugaya.

"Yeah not so much. Remember last time..."


"Okay children. Let's start with something simple. Sidesteps to be exact." He then started to doing sidesteps, from left, to middle, to right, at Mach 20.

"That's impossible!!" Everyone shouted but Tsuna who just sweat dropped (Tsuna hid his scars with Mist Flames).

"Sure it isn't. If you've got that down, you could add some cradle in he mix." The octopus replied and started messing with stringe, making some sort of pattern.

"As if we could do that!!" They retorted.

Flashback end~

"There was no way we could keep up to you. Only Tsuna could but he wasn't as fast." Nakamura stated.

"Yeah. It was bit hard trying to keep up to your speed. I'm lucky I didn't collapse after that." Tsuna agreed as Sugino spoke up next.

"We're human beings. We want be be teach by a real human being at least." Korosensei was hurt by this and carried on crying whilst playing with rocks.

"Can I ask an obvious question? If there supposed to be a point to this training," he started, "should we really be practicing in front of our target?"

"Whether it's killing or studying, it's the same. Isogai. Maehara. Come up." The two did as told. "I want you to try to hit me with your knives." At first, they looked hesitant.

"What? Like at the same time?"

"Isn't that kind of dangerous?"

"Don't worry. Those knives won't harm a human. It's specifically made for killing the octopus." He started to loosen his tie; he already threw his blazer off. "Tell you what. If you manage to hit me, I'll let you off for today." The two nodded their heads and got ready. Isogai stroke first. He lunged at Karasuma but was dodged easily. "Come on." Maehara went. They started to attack recklessly as Karasuma dodged. "See? At the paste we're going, I could dodge them in my sleep. They've got no technique." They got a bit pissed at that and charged in sync. But Karasuma grabbed their wrists and pinned them. "If you can't beat a guy like me, you have no chance of killing an opponent who travels a Mach 20. Look." They looked over at Korosensei. "We've been barely been sparring for half a minute and he's had time to build a statue out of sand, had a change of clothes and made himself some tea."

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