Chapter 50

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Elyza lex.

I carry Alicia in my arms. And I walk us up to the walls and tell for help.

After a few seconds the doors open and a man walks out to me and takes Alicia out of my hands. I start to protest but then a woman puts her arm around my shoulders.

"It's okay come on in. We will help you." She says.

The walls close behind us. We walk through a town?

On the sides there are buildings like apartment buildings. I'm the middle there is tons of things filled with plants: pots, tires, boxes, buckets, and so on. Kids are playing on the sidewalks, family's are walking together and talking like it's just a casual day.

They take us into a church like place.

Alicia stays quiet in the mans arms.

"What happened to her?" He asks as we walk.

"I think the May have broke her ankle while we were walking." I say.

Although I know she broke her ankle because when they opened the doors to the vehicle the pushed her out on the the freaking ground!

I bite into by lip with anger.

He lays Alicia on a bed in a room. I sit beside her.

"You guys can rest here until the king can come talk to you."

The door closes and I get out of the chair and lay down beside Alicia.

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