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Fight The Dead Fear The Living (Daryl Dixon x Reader|Nick Clark x Reader) by MiyakoNanashi
Fight The Dead Fear The Living (Da...by Kate
"Nothing ever happened between us because you've never done anything for it. You always stayed alone." "I understand. But nobody gives me anything here.&q...
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The Walking Dead OneShots + Imagines by Miles_ah
The Walking Dead OneShots + Imagin...by Miles Anderson
I do requests for any characters, any season. You can give me a prompt or a background story if you want too.
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Sole e Luna 🌸 d. dixon by rhapsody_bloodvein_
Sole e Luna 🌸 d. dixonby rhapsody
~il sole amava la luna così tanto che moriva ogni giorno solo per farla respirare~ Rachel Grimes, una giovane donna che dopo aver perso suo padre, è scappata da Atlanta...
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Fear The Walking Dead: After the Dam by Batukadeiras
Fear The Walking Dead: After the D...by Lores Hasani
Based on AMC's 'Fear The Walking Dead', 'Fear The Walking Dead: After the Dam' takes place after the Season 3 finale of the TV series. Plot: Following the dam explosion...
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Demons 。 Daryl Dixon [1] by calisunbee
Demons 。 Daryl Dixon [1]by —B.
DEMONS. "don't get too close, it's dark inside, it's where my demons hide." THE WALKING DEAD OC x DARYL DIXON BOOK ONE of the WHISPERER TRILOGY [ SEASON 9...
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Fear The 100 by ClexaForever100_
Fear The 100by Clexa Forever
Elyza Lex meets Alicia Clark in an all new twist on the Clexa fandom.Fear The Walking Dead meets The 100 modern style with a giant twist I hope you all enjoy the books a...
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We come together to survive by ajwarrick0221
We come together to surviveby Tobin Warrick
When the worlds two most popular girl groups come together to try and survive the zombie apocalypse, there is danger. A lot of it. But hopefully they'll survive. The Fi...
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Just the start - Nick Clark by bethylandnarry
Just the start - Nick Clarkby caitlin :)
When Olivia and Nick become best friends at 9 years old, will they be able to stay together? Is 'promise' enough for Olivia? *NO apocalypse in this story :))*
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Chris Manawa Imagines by TaylorShoultz4
Chris Manawa Imaginesby Calums Muscle Shirts
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Just a little late.. by harmonyzak
Just a little late..by Harmony Diys
this is a show related to "the walking dead" if you watch that show, omg please message me! It's literally my favorite show. this character is a bit like lydia...
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Sacrifice | Fear the walking dead  by Bellarkerss
Sacrifice | Fear the walking dead by Bellarkerss
Troy, a boy who was always putting his people first. Alicia, a girl who would do anything to save her family. Both of them would sacrifice themselves to save each other...
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Bits and Pieces: Random tales from the #ZombieApocalypse by JamalMorgueLuckett
Bits and Pieces: Random tales from...by Jamal Morgue Luckett
Unrelated tales from the Zombie Apocalypse.
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Spitfire ➳ Nick Clark by sarascanary
Spitfire ➳ Nick Clarkby abbie
❝ Let's break down all of our walls, Right now I wanna see it all, ❞ In which Charlotte Swan battles zombies, her humanity and her feelings on her best friends brother...
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Sugar High, A FearTWD AU by MadisonFrickenClark
Sugar High, A FearTWD AUby MadisonFreakingClark
It's Halloween 2016 and the Clark/Manawa family invite some friends around for a Halloween party. Maddie embraces her past as a bartender, Luciana trick or treats for th...
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The Dead Studios: Season 12 by OfficialDeadStudios
The Dead Studios: Season 12by ☠
The final season, follows a man named Jax, in his journey to find a place where his daughter and fiancée can live safely in a post apocalyptic world. Amongst the horror...
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   EL SERENO,     admins.  by -feartwd
EL SERENO, admins. by ━ FEAR
get to know the admins ; started : 14/04/18
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DAYS GONE BYE ' (f)twd gif series by WalkerStalkerZone
DAYS GONE BYE ' (f)twd gif seriesby ━ hiatus
❝ when civilization ends, it ends fast. ❞ ( gif series - open! ) © 2018 by WalkerStalkerZone
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