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~ Elyza and Alicia ~ by wanheda100lexa
~ Elyza and Alicia ~by ✨Torri✨
Two girls Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark are living in the apocalypse later on they meet and form a close bond. How will they save the people they care about and protect eac...
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More Than Just Surviving [Alicia Clark/Elyza Lex] [GirlxGirl] by unorthodoxxed
More Than Just Surviving [Alicia C...by unorthodoxxed
An Alicia Clark/Eliza Lex Fanfiction set in a semi-alternate universe of "Fear the Walking Dead" The story takes place in an AU where Elyza Lex exists as a can...
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Surviving or Living by TaySwiftFrozenOUAT
Surviving or Livingby TaySwiftFrozenOUAT
It's been a year since the apocalypse has started. With her family, Alicia Clark, a now 18 years old girl, tries everything to survive. But things suddenly change when s...
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Lexark by lexasnut
Lexarkby lexasnut
Alicia Clark and Elyza lex meet at a country club and things get...interesting.
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Survival: Book One by trickedyou
Survival: Book Oneby trickedyou
This story is a fan fiction of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead, crossed over with a few characters from CW's The 1OO. We see a group trying to survive in a harsh territory c...
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Fear The 100 by ClexaForever100_
Fear The 100by Clexa Forever
Elyza Lex meets Alicia Clark in an all new twist on the Clexa fandom.Fear The Walking Dead meets The 100 modern style with a giant twist I hope you all enjoy the books a...
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Clexa Scenes by alyciaemeraude
Clexa Scenesby HedaIzzy
Lexa and Clarke are trying to keep the peace, but their hearts are looking for something else. Among a thousand problems and situations to manage, the glow in the eyes...
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Ocean Meets Forest by MultiShipTrash03
Ocean Meets Forestby I have a lot of ships
A Lexark fanfic. Elyza Lex : Born in Sydney Australia 19 years old Very good with any weapon and she grew up on the streets of L.A but no one knew she was homeless. Al...
May we meet again  by WolfSHADOW26
May we meet again by rainbow_heda
Fear The Walking Dead | Teen Wolf | The 100 Scott and Malia are in LA to visit Scotts Cousin Elyza. When Elyza gets bitten and Alicia is forced to leave her. Scott sees...
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putting the pieces back together [Lexark] by WalshFromThe1975
putting the pieces back together [...by Walsh
Alicia roteò gli occhi al cielo e l'afferrò per il colletto del giubbotto di pelle. "Sei davvero un'idiota." La bionda rise. "Dovresti dirmelo più spess...
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Together We Survive by xVampireHeartsx
Together We Surviveby xVampireHeartsx
The Journey shared by Elyza and Alicia as they adjust to their new lives in the apocalypse.
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This Is Why. [CLEXA ONE-SHOT.] Modern day.  by LexaDeservedClarke
This Is Why. [CLEXA ONE-SHOT.] Mod...by LexaDeservedClarke
Spontaneous clexa one shot. clarkes giving birth to a baby boy with her beautiful wife right by her side. Suddenly lexa realizes what life is all about. why they went t...
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Lexark Part 2  by lexasnut
Lexark Part 2 by lexasnut
We're back bitches ;) i promised a sequel and I'm going to deliver. Huge thanks to everyone who read my first story. I feel so lucky. I hope you guys are ready for part...
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When the ocean met the forest by ThisHedasOnFire
When the ocean met the forestby ThisHedasOnFire
Alicia Clark has been separated from her family for a few weeks when she comes across a horde of walkers. She would be dead if it wasn't for the hot blonde. This is the...
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The Dead Are Living by ReshopHedaLexa
The Dead Are Livingby ReshopHedaLexa
Elyza Lexa and Alicia Clark
Another Life by HidingWriting
Another Lifeby Cassia
Because Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark is the best thing !WARNING! ~I have never watched the 100. I just enjoyed seeing all the clexa on my dash, then saw this stuff, and...
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Fear The Walking Dead. (CLEXA AU) by Pizza2Ryoth
Fear The Walking Dead. (CLEXA AU)by Pizza2Ryoth
"In Peace May You Leave The Shore, In Love May You Find The Next, Safe Passage On Your Travels, Until Our Final Journey On The Ground, May We Meet Again." She...
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More Than Just Surviving  by damnclexa
More Than Just Surviving by damnclexa
Alicia Clark is just another person trying to survive the apocalypse and avoiding all trouble to keep her family safe. Elyza Lex is doing the exact same thing. What will...
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The Dead Are Walking Part 2 by FearElyzaLex
The Dead Are Walking Part 2by FearElyzaLex
~Two Years After The Wedding~ The safe haven that they had come to peace with had been wrecked after a traumatic storm that killed many of he survivors. The remaining pe...
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Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark  by Common_10
Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark by Common_10
Elyza Lex is a young woman trying to survive the horrifying apocalypse. Then she stumbles upon Alicia Clark and her group. There and then she falls in love with her but...
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