5. Cold air

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You woke up on the floor surrounded by cold air. It was hard to see because of the dim lights placed around the room. The paint was peeling of the walls and dust was floating in the air. The room looked like it was built in the 1920's. 

How was it still standing? It looks like its ready to fall apart.

 How did you get here? What happened?

 From what you could see there was a stairway leading up to a door. There was a metal table in the room, it was so shiny that you could see your reflection in it. It looked like the only new thing in that room. There where a bunch of boxes on the other side of the room and a dresser that was being covered by the boxes. There was also a metal pole in the middle of the room with a chair next to it. The chair had rope at its legs. 

The door at the top of the stairs starts to open. The light seeps through the opening of the door. It was blinding and you shielded your eyes from it. What else could you do. 

A man begun to walk down the stairs. In fear you begun to back up, you crawled all the way to the back wall. Then you just sat there, staring at this man with scared teary eyes. You mouth hung open in fear and tears ran down your cheeks. Fear took over your body.

"Morning sunshine"

The voice stood there, waiting for a reply. You couldn't make any words. Everything was to much.

"Well i expected a reply, could i have one please?"

The voice sounded desperate for a reply. They really wanted to hear your voice. 


"s-sorry i-i"

"Good you spoke, your not dead like the other one. The other one was so annoying you know. She wouldn't stop screaming"

"t-the o-other o-o-one"

" Yeah the other one, Your classmate Isabel.  She was a gift for you, but she was so loud the neighbors head and i had to dumb the body somewhere, But that's of topic. Man its dark in here, let me turn on some lights." 

The figure turned around and walked over to the stairs. They flicked a switch and the lights flickers for a bit until they where on for good.

The light hurt your eyes, you had not seen the light properly in so long.

When you opened your eyes, Mr McLoughlin was standing there. His eyes where black and his skin was somehow more pale than before. 

Your breath begun to shake as he approached you.

"Why are you so sacred baby doll, you wanted me to help you... right?"




Sorry this chapter is so short.  My internet is about to shut off ( its on a timer sadly i actually hate it) I really hoped you liked this chapter. I didn't really know what to right for this sorta stuff so hopefully i get better as time goes along.

Anyway byee! 

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