1. School days are sad days

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"I hate this school. Everyone makes fun of me, the school work is to hard and i have no friends. Well the last ones kind of my fault. I don't like having friends. Its to much pressure and drama. I would rather be alone and read. I really like reading. Its like a way to escape reality for a few moments. Its really the only moments where i feel safe" You explain to the counselor. That hole time you where holding back tears from falling out of your eyes like waterfalls.

You tell him everything, but was not sure why. You told yourself over and over that you had to lie. You don't want to worry him.  It is his job but he doesn't really care. So, why did you tell him anything. It was like he put a spell over you and you couldn't do anything but say everything.

"Alright Y/N that enough about school, what about home?" The counselor said in a worried tone.

This counselor seemed nice. Maybe he cared a little bit... No that stupid he is just doing his job. You need to stop saying things about your personal life, but you couldn't stop yourself. The words were falling out of your mouth.

"H-Home is...um... something Mr McLoughlin"  You whisper

"Please, call me Sean, there is no need to be professional. No one is here" Says Sean as he looked you in the eyes.

"Oh.. sorry. Well home is complected"

Why are you even saying any of this?  Why cant you stop?

"How so?" He questioned

"Well... No one in my family cares about me. My mother is to busy with work and alcohol to worry about what i do. My dad is normally in bed with some hooker he met the night before, and if he is not he is beating me up until i cant stand. Lastly there is my brother, he is always high.  He has never not smelt of weed as far as i know" You blurt out while your head was down.

"Really, that is interesting, of course its not a good thing, but interesting. Y/N i think we should keep seeing each other more often" Sean says looking at you with heartfelt eyes.

 You try convince yourself that should be able to get over this myself. Sadly it doesn't work

"Of course Y/N, that's one if you feel comfortable to" Sean smiles

"Umm... Sure"

Why did you say that! you whisper to yourself. You couldn't say no. You try and find ut why your acting like this but you have no idea

" That's good to hear Y/N. It looks like out session is over so i will see you next week, if that doesn't suit you or if you have any trouble please feel free to email me" Sean said happily as he wrote something down.

I have to say he does have a very enchanting smile, Also he has very nice eyes. Maybe this wont be as bad as i think. He seems like a nice person. You think to yourself.

"Thank you for noticing my eyes Y/N. I try my best to look nice" Sean chuckled

W-what! How did he? Can he? N-no that's impossible. he cant hear my thoughts, Can he? 

"H-how did you-"

"Goodbye Y/N its time for my next session"

Sean opened the door for me and smiled

I guess that is it. What is his deal. You couldn't stop youself from talking in there. What was that, and why do i want to go back?






Hello! Thanks for reading the first chapter of my story, i really hoped you liked it. Sorry i have really bad grammar. if there are any mistakes feel free to tell me and i will fix them up as soon as possible. Again thanks for reading! :D

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