2. Black eyes

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// trigger warning! bullying, suicidal though and abuse\\

I was pretty lucky i got to see Mr McLoughlin at the end of the day. You thought as you stared walking to your locker

Unfortunately, you was not lucky enough to avoid the people who bully you.

' Hey freak show, you done talking to Mr McLoughlin? Let me guess he tried to fix you. Your past saving, no one can or will help you. Not after we are done with you' They all yelled at me.

You couldn't get what they said out of your head. How did they find out about  me seeing Mr McLoughlin. It just doesn't make any sense. 

Lucky the worst bully wasn't at school today, Isabel. She has had it out for me since i was a kid.

You get on your bus and take a seat in the back. You put your headphones in and listen to your favorite song. Lucky you live close to the school

It doesn't matter anyway, you are nearly home. You will be away from them, you will be away from everyone. This thought comforts you, then you realize ... you need to manage to sneak past my father. Hopefully he is to busy with some hooker to notice you.

Your stop is next, 'you can do this' to mentally say to yourself

The bus stops and you get up to leave.

You walk off the bus as quickly as possible, trying to make as little eye contact as possible. 

Lucky you don't have to walk that far to get to your house. It will be nice to see the forest near your house though. Honestly its the most beautiful thing in this town.

You walk up to the forest and are met with something strange 

W-what happened? The forest has police tape warped around it? Did they find drugs there? or worse... I need to ask someone what happened.

"Umm ex-excuse me" You ask

"huh? oh yes what do you want?" The police officer angrily says while giving you a evil stare. 

"What happened here?"

" A couple found a body here. Hanging from a tree. Brutal to be honest, If you live in these parts lock your doors at night and sleep with one eye open"

"O-okay sure i will. Do you know who's body it is?" you questioned 

"We are not sure yet but I bet you will hear it on the news, now beat it kid i have to do my job" The police officer hurried off to the other side of the forest.

You walk the rest of the way home wondering about the person and what happened to them. Before you know it you where home.

You try and be as quiet as possible. Don't let him know your home. So far so good i have opened the door with no noise. If you can keep this up until you get to my room i will be good. You can do thi-

"HEY!" Your father yells from across the house

Oh no, no no no. You have to hide or run. 

He walks up to you with a stern look on his face

Fuck, you are to slow. 


You cant speak because your so afraid, you stand there in silence just shaking. 


All of a sudden he hit your cheek. You hold your cheek to try and stop the pain.

"s-sorry d-dad" you whisper out while looking down


{ 4 hour time skip }

Everything is okay, everything is okay. You can cover up the cuts and the bruises. You just have to cover them with bandages and make up,  no one will know. Everything is okay. 

You look up into the mirror and notice someone behind you.

Who is behind you, Its not my dad, There to skinny. Your mom is working late and your brother is staying at a friends getting high. So who is it?

"everything will be okay, you just have to stay with me for a while"

"N-no who are you?"

"That was the wrong choice Y/N. Your going to get hurt here. if you wont come with me yourself, i will make you"


Where did he go? He just vanished. He was right there and now he is not. What happened? It must have been your imagination, people don't just vanish. Today has been really weird, you just need to sleep for a while.




Welp, that chapter was intense. I promise my mind in'st that fucked up.... Okay it is but still. i Read killing stalking what do you expect ( If you read killing stalking you are not a bad person just want to say that) Thanks for reading my story! The update's should be twice every week on the weekend (for me). Also i have hidden a bunch of surprises for future chapters in this for like theories and stuff, so if you have any please tell me :D Anyway thanks for reading Cya!!

( Again please excuse the horrible grammar i am not smart okay byee)

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