7. A warm re-welcome

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You slowly open your eyes, you expect to see the worst but your pleasantly surprised. You were sleeping in a king size bed with a quilt made of silk and fluff. The bed frame looked like it was made for a queen, it was a white marble bed that had gold ascents twisted around the edges of each corner. The gold and white frame complemented the white and red bed sheets that where covering your body. 

The room itself was a beautiful sight too, There was a walk in wardrobe with millions of expensive looking outfits. In the corner of the room near the window was a gold dresser with a gigantic mirror covers in led lights made to look like light bulbs. The view from the window was as beautiful as the room itself, Mountains and forests as far as the eye can see. 

Where are you?

You go to stand up but pain shoots through your body like a electric shock. Its only then you notice all of the bandages and bruises that where covering most your body. Some of the bandages are slightly turning red from the blood that was escaping through the cuts underneath them. 

You hear a door creak open beside you and instantly try to get as far back as you can. You lock eyes with the person who did this to you. Anti, he is holding a shopping bag with more bandages and headache medicine in it.  He looks worried and confused about why you are scared of him then he realized why you where afraid. For a moment he is pleased how afraid you and then quickly returns to being concerned about you. Like a switch went of in his brain.

"Y/N hey calm down its me, i have to re-bandage you. Don't be afraid i promise i wont hurt you"  

Anti calmly says as he slowly takes a step towards you. You try and back away but you are already at the wall. He continues to walk towards you and takes a seat at the very end of the bed.

"See, i wont hurt you, everything is okay. Just come over hear and i will help you"

You decide to stay where you are and not move. Anything could happen with this man, he is unstable. One moment  he could be helping you and the next he could be stabbing you with his favorite knife. 

Anti sighs and starts shuffling closer towards you. It is clear that the is trying to be as calm as he can. 

Anti doesn't break eye contact until he is sitting right next to you. 

He gestures for you to give him your bandaged arm, but your frozen with fear. You just stay there looking at anti with anxious eyes. 

"hey, i am trying to help you. Please just let me" Anti says in a soft calm tone.

You give him your arm and he holds it so he can get to work. You make sure to stay on alert just to be safe. Anti begins to unwrap the bandages but before he gets to the actual cut he stops and looks as you.

"Y/N i want you to look away now, I don't want you to see the cut" 


"I just don't want you to"  anti pauses for a bit and begins to speak again.

 "Please look away" Anti sounds desperate 

You listen to anti and look away. He starts to take away whats left of the bandage. When all of the bandage if off anti sighs and pauses for a moment.

"Y/N i-i am sorry i did this to you"

He is apologizing but why?

His apology replays in your head over and over. Before you know it he is done with your arm. He lets go of it and tells you to look at him. When you do his eyes are slightly red as if he had been crying. He went to speak but shut his mouth before he even started. He just kept looking at you.

He leaned in and kissed you on your forehead, the he smiled at you and walked out of the room. He closed the door behind himself and you were alone in this room again.




Hey!! sorry it has been a long time since i wrote a chapter, But i'm back now. I hope you liked this chapter and i hope they way the story is going is interesting. have a nice day/night :D

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