6. A walking breathing nightmare

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// Trigger Waring: Violence and abuse 

Mr McLoughlin slowly walked over to you. Your breathing is fast and you're shaking in fear. He stood in front of you and looked at your face. He crouched down and held your chin with his hand. He gave me a concerned look when he saw how scared you was. 

"Whats the matter darling, i told you i am only here to help. How about we talk about your feelings. What are you feeling right now?" he said with a devilish smirk across his face

"I-I'm scared a-and i want to go home...P-lease let me go home. MR MCLOUGHLIN LET ME GO I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!'

You shouted at him... why did you do that, He is going to be sad mad.

 Mr McLoughlin face turned into a scowl. He was extremely mad about what had just happened. He stood up and walked to the metal table in the middle of the room.

You may die here and he is going to kill you.

Mr McLoughlin grabbed something off the table and put it behind his back. He stared at you for a while and walked back over to you. 

"How many times do i have to tell you its Sean but since you refuse to call me that call me anti, it has a better ring to it"

"s-sorry i-i"

"You what? do i have to teach you a lesson to listen to me?"

Anti reveled what was behind his back, a steel knife that looked brand new. You shivered in fear and tried to move away but i couldn't. The rope tying you down was to tight. You wanted to scream and tell him to fuck off but You were already in to deep, that would only make it worse. You had to choke back and scream and stayed silent. 

" Aww you look so afraid. Like a small kitten about to get killed. Get ready doll because  i am about to hurt you... a lot"

Your eyes widened in fear as anti brought the knife closer to you. He put the knife on the top of your cheek and slowly dragged it down. You flinch at the pain and he begins to laugh. You could feel the blood and tears mixing together into a torture cocktail. Anti learned in close to you and licked the blood and tears on my face. He seemed to enjoy doing this to you. 

Anti looked at the knife and then looked back at you. He slowly moved the knife down to my chest and placed the tip right where my heart was. I looked at him with scared eyes and begged for him not to stab you. 

"Y-Your different. I-i cant. I want to but i cant"

Anti looked at  you. His eyes stared to fill with anger. With each moment he grew more angry. 

"W-why are you different, tell me"



"i don't know"


Anti stood up and knocked over the metal table, a loud crash echoed off the walls and knifes and blades went everywhere. Anti begun to punch walls and knock more things over. With each punch he screamed with anger and pain. 

Then he looked at you. Tears where running down his face while his breathing was extremely fast. Anti ran over to you and screamed. He begun punching and kicking you. The pain was horrible. You begged for him to stop but he couldn't hear me over his blind rage. Anti kicked you in the head and the force of the kick pushed you over. You stay there lying on the ground and everything begun to get blurry. Your head was pounding and you could hear antis screams growing quieter and quieter. Then you passed out.




Hello!! sorry i having written anything in so long. I have been supper busy... watching YouTube. I hope you like this chapter and find it interesting. The story is getting really violent haha.   Anyway Bye!

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