3. Spooky sleep

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"W-where am i" You say as you try rub the sleep out from your eye. Your hands are tired together. You try to get them off but it doesn't work and you just end up looking like a hopeless fish out of water. You decide that the ropes are not coming off anytime soon. You try and find out where you are but its impossible to.

"Morning sunshine" A voice spoke from across the room.

"Now, i know you confused but don't worry. Those ropes on your wrists wont be there forever just for now, there are there so we can chat without anything happening" The voice explains, you still haven't seen his face, this is all to much for you to handle.

Where you kidnapped in the middle of the night?

"W-What do you want with me, Just please let me go. I wont tell anyone" You cry out, hoping that whoever did this to you will let you go.

"wow begging for freedom already, That was quick. Listen i wont hurt you...yet... But i do need you to help me with something" The voice Laughed 

"Y/N you know that your actually sleeping right now, i am inside your dream with means i can do whatever i want to you and get away with it" The voice says with a half hatred tone.

What does he mean by that? We are in my dream... Also what is he planning to do to me. He is making me very anxious.

"I-If i am in a dream... That means i can wake up anytime so d-don't try s-shit" You yell confidently at the voice.

" Y/N Watch it, just remember i am in real life to. I wont hesitate to do this to you in the real world" The voice yelled, you flinch at the sound of his voice. Your terrified of what he would do to you if you annoyed him to much.

"Oh Y/N your so cute when your scared, well ill let you go back to sleep for now but remember, i am someone who wants you really bad, and will do anything to get to you. So don't make this hard for me and obey me and my orders" The voice said is a serious tone that sent chills down your spine.



You wake up in your bed covered in a layer of cold sweat. You check your wrists for sings of rope but there are none. What just happened? Who was that man and what did he want from you? Its 5:00am, your to scared to go back to sleep just in case you see him again. So you decide to stay up and read, But you cant get what just happened out of your head.




Hello! sorry for the short chapter its really late right now so i need to sleep. Also i did a more natural style of wright for me. The other way i was righting was difficult and confusing. Hopefully this one is better! Thanks for reading

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