8. Drowning in panic

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After anti left the room you decided to get some more sleep, but that didn't go as planned. You were too afraid of what could happen while you were sleeping. So you just stayed in the room.

How did this happen

Well, you know how it happened but you didn't know why. Why did he choose you of all people? Then the thought suddenly dawns on you. What did he mean when he said you were different. Were there others before you? Di- Did he have something to do with Isabel.

What was going on, how did you get in this situation.

After a while of laying down and looking at the ceiling, you decided it was finally time to get up, or at least check the time and continue looking at the ceiling.

There was a small digital clock on your bedside table that read 12:37 pm. As you placed your feet on the floor a sharp pain shot through your stomach. You hugged the sides of your torso and groaned quietly.

You lifted up your blood splatted shirt and noticed blue and purple bruises covering your body. There were not as many as you expected but they still hurt like hell.

You finally stood up after about 15 minutes of trying. You were going to leave the room wheb=n you noticed something. On the dresser, there was a baggy jumper, a pair of pants, some pain killers and a note from anti that read.


Here are some clothes and pain killers

Thought you might need them

~ Anti

You Decided that wearing the freshly washed jumper was a lot better than wearing A blood covered school uniform so you changed into the clothes anti gave you. There was no way you were taking those pain killers though. Even though you were in so much pain you didn't want to risk it.

You opened the Door to your room and begun walking down the hall. You had no idea where you were going, you just hoped you wouldn't run into anti.

Sadly your hopes were soon crushed

As you open the door to what seemed like a living room you were met with the one and only anti.

"Hey Y/N" Anti said rushing over to you to help you walk to the sofa.

You tried to back away from anti but the pain slowed you down and he was able to hold you.He grabbed your hips and slowly walked you over to the soft red sofa. As he sat you down he placed a white blanket over your shoulders.

"Are you okay, Did you take the pain killers I left you? Do you need anything" Anti asked You while placing both his hands on your shoulders in a concerned way.

You attempted to nod but it hurt too much to move your neck. A few seconds after you replied to anti's questions you realized that you lied, straight to his face.

OH god. Why did you say yes to taking the pain killers? You didn't take them. Is he going to be mad?

You're broke out into panic and lost sight of everything around you. Everything was all too much. your breathing was fast and you could hear your heartbeat in your ears. Your world was spinning and your hands started to shake. What was happening? This had never happened before. All you could feel was an overwhelming fear that seemed to swallow you. Where you going to die? You're going to Die! You're going to Die! You're going to Die! You're going to Die! You're going to Die! You're going to Die! You're going to Die! oh god. oh god

"Y/N Hey calm down it okay, it's okay. Just breathe " Anti said attempting to calm you down but the sound of his voice only made it worse.

Your breathing was extremely rapid and you're felt like you were going to suffocate. You could feel tears running down your face which only made you dizzy.

"Y/N!! calm down it okay. Here.. ummm.. ahh FUCK... ahhh Y/N here it's your favorite book. I saw you reading this at school about 7 times in a row. Read it and try to breathe" Anti Anxiously said as he handed you a book.

Your hand reached out of the blanket and took the book. It was one of your favorites.

You decided to listen to anti and read the book. You stopped thinking about everything but the universe inside that book. You slowly started to calm down, And after about 3 hours you were still on edge but less shaken than before.

"W-What just h-Happened?" you quietly asked anti who was sitting in the armchair across from you.

"Y/N That was called a panic attack. Has that ever happened to you before?" Anti questioned you in a quiet voice.

"N-No" you replied.

Anti looked at you with a worried sympathetic look. He picked up a T.V remote and gestured to you if you wanted to watch T.V. Without speaking you put down the book and looked towards the T.V with indicated to anti that it was okay.

He turned on the T.V and the news was on.

'The wear about of Y/N have not been specified. The police say this could be a possible run away or a kidnapping.'

The channel cut to a panel where my family was all standing and crying. My father walked up to the microphone and begun to speak.

"Y/N where ever you are, I'm sorry. For everything. I was a horrible father and I should have told you how much I loved you. Just please come home. I promise I will treat you the way you should be treated. Just please come home I beg of yo-

Anti turned off the T.V before I could watch the end of my dads talk.

Anti began to chuckle in a childish and evil manner.

"That FUCKING father of yours is so pathetic.... HE doesn't understand. He is not seeing you again, Your MINE" Anti said between chuckles

Anti looked at you with a devilish smile that sends chills down your spine

"You're never going home Y/N, Your MINE FOREVER!"




Hey! sorry for not posting in forever. I kinda lost all motivation to a lot of things so yeah. I didn't even post anything on my fan account for like 2 months Still kinda struggling with that but I'll be okay. I'll get over it! Anyway enough mopping on my part I really hope you guys liked this part. It was fun to write! it was cool to put something in there to make one of the characters more human.

Also, this book is almost at 1K and I just wanna say THANKKKK YOU!!! <3 you guys are the best!

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