Chapter 6

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I run into the bath room and make sure I lock the door behind me. Perhaps he will calm down once I've finished having a bath. Turning on the taps so that the water cascades into the large tub, I sit on the edge thinking of all the dramas today. Christian is terrifying when he loses his temper; I must remember not to push him so much next time. Oh god. He's here.

"Open up! I'll wait out here all night if I have to!" He bangs the door loudly.

I quickly unlock the door and continue to pour in bubble bath into the steaming water. Christian takes no time to launch himself into the room; the anger is still alight in his eyes.

"How dare you walk away from me? You know I don't like to be ignored; you know what it makes me do." He whispers.

"Please, I can't do this anymore. Please, I'm sorry..." my tone matches his.

"Sophia sorry doesn't cut it, I'll make sure you understand never to go against me."Christian replies with a cold edge, "AGAIN."

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