Chapter 2

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We are sitting in the local café, such a cute little place. He is pouring out the pot of tea we have ordered; as I look away I feel the harsh bite of the boiling water on my hand. Ouch!

"Oh baby, I'm sorry. I must have been not looking". He states simply, peering at me through his long lashes.

"It's fine". It's all I can manage as I murmur these words I rub my hand in response. Gazing at him, I see some horrid emotion hidden behind his eyes.

He speaks; ripping me from my investigation behind his eyes "Did you remember to cancel the visit to your mothers? It's a long trip and we both agreed it's best to stay at home."

Oh no! I forgot. "Can't I at least go? It's been so long and I..."

"No Sophia! We have other plans now and you have agreed." His eyes then soften from the hard gaze I hadn't noticed. "I'll miss you; I need you here with me. I don't want you tiring yourself out, I'd rather you stay here. With me." He runs his fingers gently over where the hot water hit. My man, my persistent man, all he does is care for me.

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