Chapter 7

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Before I know it his hand hits hard across my face causing me to fall against the mirror, unbearable pain rings in my head and I look into the mirror seeing blood run down my soon to be bruised face. I turn around just in time to see him go to grab my hair; moving quickly I need to find a way to stop him. The anger in his eyes pierces right through me. He lunges at me falling against the bath as I move out of the way, smashing his head against the tiles.

Christian is unconscious, dazed and floating in the water. Inspiration hits me. I grab his head, push down with all my strength; not moving for many minutes. Looking down at the bloody water below me, my dear, darling husband; he lies in perfect calmness. Finally. Staying on the tiled floor, it's all over, I'm safe. Contently listening to the drip...drip...drip.


He'll be round again soon; I hate my new room. Two weeks I've been here and everyone is so smiley, the bunch of psychos I tell you. Mr what's-his-face, white suit will be here, the deranged man that thinks all my taps are fine. But I know they aren't, they are all lying to me, out to get me. Well I know different. They also mention a Christian; I wonder who they are talking about. They will never tell me, they all think I can't handle anything. They will never win this battle; I win every time, every time.

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