Chapter 3

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I soon doze off hoping to meet him again, ignoring my stomach which is roaring like the way a lion does. This bed isn't at all comfortable; it squeaks at every movement and has stains all over the mattress. How it got these stains isn't bearable to think upon.  Waking up in a startled state occurs often, it's the dreams. The horrid dreams, I seem to remember all the times I've been clumsy enough to hurt myself. Silly me.

"Finally awake are we? Good, you'll eat something this morning." The sullen man smirks.

I don't even wish to reply to him; turning away I face the small window allowing a faint amount of light in. Soaking in the light, it's the only chance I get to feel the warmth.


My eyelids flutter open, oh painfully at that! I feel strange, my eyes dart around the room until they see my husband. He sits on my bed, soothing me in my panicked state.

"Shh baby, you're fine. You hurt yourself again; fell down the stairs this time. Don't you remember?"

I try to sit up, wincing at the pain that radiates through my body. Then the blackness takes over and the last thing I remember is watching the controlled look in his eyes.

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