Chapter 1

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The warmth of the sun, the comfort of my own bed, him. Those are the things I miss the most, now I'm imprisoned by these four grey, lifeless walls. A sink that never stops, drip after drip. And a sullen man whose face would crack if he dared to smile. Sitting in my room, listening to the other prisoners outside is how I spend most of my days. I daren't creep out; the girls seem to have taken a rather brutal disliking to me. No I much prefer the small comforts my chilling room gives.


They come back like tidal waves, nothing I can do to stop them. He is smiling at me, as we lie together in the protection of duvets we have built around ourselves. I can't stop gazing at this beautiful man before me, the warmth of his hand as he caresses my face sends wonderful ripples throughout my blood stream. How does he make me feel this good by just a look? All too soon he is gone again.


Drip, drip, drip. They still haven't come round to fix the tap. I can't seem to lie on my side; my whole face is still swollen from my last conversation with the girls outside. My eye can barely open, it is too sore to even touch. If my man was here he would fix everything, I wonder when he will next visit...

Sullen man is back again.

"Eat up, or you'll feel a whole lot worse". He demands, his tone strangely soft.

"Why should I eat? I shall be out of here soon." I allow my annoyance to be heard.

I hear his failed attempt to stifle a laugh as he pushes my plate of grey mush through the opening. Picking at my food is about as enthusiastic as I get, the thought of eating this foul excuse for a meal sickens me. Christian would never settle for me having this. What date is it now? Must be nearing my mother's birthday soon; I miss her. I can't even remember the last time I saw her, Christian said we live too far away so it's for the best that I don't risk the tiresome journey so often. More time for the two of us.

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