Chapter 5

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Standing in our bedroom, filled with anger I scream for Christian. He enters; an amused smile is tugging at the corners of his mouth. I just need space to breathe, why does he act like this? I know he loves me.


"Can we continue?" tall man speaks up.

"If we must but make it quick." I gesture for him to begin so he does.

"Why did you lie in your last round of questioning Mrs Smith?" he questions.

Snapping back "I did no such thing, everything I said is what I can remember."

I would really like him to fix my tap, to hell with this questioning.

"Anyway can you fix my tap in my room, I have been mentioning it for weeks now."

He regards me intently for a few moments, and continues to pester me. "As I was saying..."

"No! As I was saying I wish for you to answer my question!" My scalp starts prickling.

His greasy features go upwards into a slimy grin. "You seem anxious?"

"No, no all I want is for you to do as I've asked!" I'm almost shouting.

"Your story doesn't quite seem to add up so if you could please tell me what I wish to know." He is still god damn ignoring me.

"JUST FIX MY TAP, PLEASE!" I scream, my emotions explode like fireworks.

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