【OSL】Chara. Bio - Riley's Dad

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Name: Noah Hatheway

Quick Facts:

Age: (when he shows up in OSL) 40

Ethnicity: Half white (English), half unknown

Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)


Parents: Noah was raised by his single mom. He was the product of a one-night stand, so he never knew who his father was. His mom dated occasionally while he was a kid, and ended up pregnant again when Noah was 10. He was really excited, was going to get a little sister and whatnot. But it was a stillbirth. After that, his mom remained single and became kind of withdrawn. Took up smoking and drinking. He did his best to support her nonetheless. She died from cancer when Noah was 32.

Education/Career: Noah never went to college. Photography was a hobby of his from early on. His dream was to be a photographer, but he figured he wouldn't make much money doing that, so he worked other jobs to help support his mom and later Riley and his wife. After his wife left, he decided to get closer to his dreams and started trying to get into the photography business. He was finally accepted as a photographer for a major media source when Riley was in high school and was later promoted. However, the promotion required him to travel around the world. He loves his job and doesn't regret following his dreams.

Love life: When he was 21, he fell hard for this older, gorgeous Indian woman who was also into photography. But they came from two very different worlds. Her family was wealthy and quite traditional. When she married Noah a year later, they disowned her. As they stopped paying for her education, she dropped out of grad school. Even after she got pregnant, they didn't budge. When Riley was 5, her father got very sick and she decided that she wanted to be filial. So she left Noah and Riley. Noah had always sensed that being disowned was hard on her, so while he was appalled, at the same time, he wasn't really surprised. When her father got better, she asked for a divorce. Noah obliged, though it really hurt. At first, he sent her stuff and kept her updated on Riley, but she later sent him a message back saying she was remarrying and to stop. He hasn't been in a steady relationship since.

Children: Noah was only 22 when Riley was born and felt like he didn't know how to be a good father, since he didn't grow up with one. He did his best though, trying to be what he considered an ideal father. He and his wife kept hidden from little Riley what kind of family she came from and that she'd been disowned. Noah actually never told Riley that she came from a wealthy family, even when Riley was older, because he didn't want Riley to have prejudices against wealthy people. He also didn't tell Riley that a major reason they disowned her was because Noah wasn't Indian, for the same reason—he didn't want Riley to grow up with prejudices. But when Riley found out she'd been disowned, he figured out on his own that was the reason (though he thinks that's the only reason). Noah had help raising Riley from his mom until she passed. In actuality, Noah doesn't even fully realize in what ways he's failed Riley. When he told Riley he was going to be travelling for work, Riley seemed not to mind. Maybe Riley is partly to blame. If Riley hadn't been so tough about it, hadn't acted like he didn't care, had said, "Dad, I missed you," maybe Noah would have done something different.

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