Mami stretched out on the bed, her hands propped up behind her head as she stared at Yukako. The slightly older brunette took a seat at her desk before turning to face Mami. The two girls were holed up in Yukako’s room now, both of them preparing to discuss how exactly they were going to accomplish Haruna’s task she had for them.

"So how do you want to do this?" Yukako asked her straight away. They both knew it was better to get the planning done soon so they could relax. There was no use in stalling. The quicker they got this done, the quicker they could report back to Haruna. Even if Haruna had told them they could take their time, they knew they had to get it done by next week. If they didn’t have an answer for Haruna when she checked back, both of them were going to be in trouble for it.

"I'm not sure. Tomomi is planning to see us tomorrow, isn't she?" Mami pointed out.

"That is true but she's not supposed to meet us until late afternoon so there's a chance she could pull something in the morning," Yukako added in. Mami hummed softly, nodding her head. They were going to see Tomomi as they did every weekend, which meant they would need to find a way to get to her before or after she met up with them.

"Let's head to her house in the morning, I know her parents leave around 9 am. We could wait for her to leave the house and then follow her. We’ll just see what she does and where she goes, it might lead us somewhere," Mami suggested. Yukako raised an eyebrow at Mami's suggestion.

"Just how do you know when Tomomi's parents leave?" Yukako asked her. Mami scoffed and rolled her eyes while Yukako smirked at her. She knew it. She could see how attached Mami was becoming. "Did you go harass Tomo at home?"

"Shut up, Yukako," Mami huffed out. The older brunette giggled at her huff. She was making this far too obvious. Yukako and Mami had grown close since they first met last year; Yukako had learned lots of valuable knowledge about how Mami acted. She could see things others couldn't.

"So is that our plan then?" Yukako asked to redirect the conversation back to the original topic. She could harass Mami more about this later. For now, they needed to keep planning so they could pull this off without Tomomi ever finding out about it.

Mami was going to respond but she was cut off when her phone rang loudly. She groaned softly, it was probably her mother bugging her about why she wasn't home yet. She had yet to tell her mother that she wasn’t coming home tonight; she didn’t really feel like it was important. After all, her mother often disappeared for nights without telling her so this was only fair. With a huff, Mami shoved herself up into a sitting position and grabbed her phone off of Yukako's end table.

She looked at the name flashing on the called I.D and she was shocked to see it was Haruna who was calling instead.

"What's up?" Mami asked when she answered the phone.

"Mami, I don't have much time to talk. Do you know anyone who can let Rina stay with them?" It was only a few seconds into the call but Mami was already beginning to worry from the rushed and worried tone of Haruna’s voice.

"Is something wrong?"

"My parents came home and they brought... It's not important, I just need a place to take Rina and I need one now." Mami could feel a sense of dread creep up on her. It must be something bad if even Haruna didn't want to say it aloud.

"I'm not sure whose parents are out; let me ask Yukako if she knows." Mami could hear a soft 'okay' come from Haruna before she lowered the phone and turned to the brunette in the room. The shorter girl raised an eyebrow at Mami, only having picked up bits and pieces from what she could hear Mami saying.

"What is it?" Yukako asked.

"Haruna says that Rina needs some place to go. Do you know if any of the girls can let her stay for a while?"

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