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"L, takas tayo sa likod ng school mamaya." tunog nang-aakit na sabi ni Vance sa akin.

I placed my chin on my palm and brought down my elbow on top of my desk for support. He's staring at me with the familiar horny look and lustful eyes that I only see on perverted teenage boys.

"Bakit? Ano gagawin natin don? Mag-aaral?" I playfully smirked at him. I know how to play fuck boys like him. It's a walk in the park to me.

"Pwede rin." he chuckled. His hand reached for my lap. He squeezed it and flashed me a meaningful smirk. "I can multi-task."

Gwapong manyakis. Pasalamat siya at type ko rin siya. If that wasn't the case, I'll most probably pulverize his beloved member.

Sasagot na sana ako nang biglang bumukas ang pinto. Tumahimik ang buong klase dahil doon. It was our adviser who came out earlier because she was called by the principal.

Behind her was a boy. A really handsome boy, at that. My eyebrow raised. It caught my interest. His foreign features made it evident that he's not pure Filipino. Rough features... Russian, maybe?

"L..." Vance whispered beside me. I ignored him and continued watching the new face.

I've never seen him before. If I did, I would definitely remember. Bumaba ang mga mata ko sa katawan niya. My forehead creased. He's lean, I think, but his slightly bigger uniform made him look leaner.

And what an awful posture! He looked like he'd rather curl in a corner than stand in front of the class. He looked so unsure.

Also, what's with his hair? Ang good boy masyado! Baka pinasukat niya pa sa ruler bago pagupitan para hindi lumabag sa rules na nakasulat sa handbook. I doubt I can grip it with my hand.

Even with this look he's sporting, I can tell he's dead handsome. He's got the potential to be hot and a campus heartthrob. Yun nga lang, kulang siya sa dating. He lacks confidence, and that decreases his appeal. And sex appeal is everything!

Kung maganda o gwapo ka pero wala kang dating, eyes won't stick to you. You'd be admired for a few seconds, but people will quickly lose interest.

I'm one of the people who quickly lose interest, but there's something about this guy...

"Everyone, we have a new addition to the class. He's a late enrollee, kaya ngayon pa lang natin siya makakasama." our adviser, Mrs. Ramones explained.

"Laurene..." muling bulong ni Vance sa tabi ko. He even brushed my lower back. It annoyed me.

"Shhh." I pushed his hand away and kept my eyes locked on the new student.

His eyes weren't black, but I couldn't tell the right color. Light brown? Hazel? Green? If I want to know, I'd have to look at him up close. And I really do want to know! I need to!

"Go ahead. Introduce yourself, iho." Mrs. Ramones urged the boy.

The whole class remained silent. All eyes were on him, I can only guess because I haven't taken my eyes off him.

He briefly scanned the room and I was a bit disappointed when our eyes didn't lock. I've always thought of myself as someone double look-worthy. Yung mapapabalik ang tingin at mapapatitig sa sobrang ganda.

"I'm Silas." tipid na sabi nito.

"Introduce yourself better naman, Mr. Silas." our adviser scolded.

His jaw clenched, that's when I noticed how prominent it looked. Siya yung lalaki na kapag naka-side view, nakakabasa ang side profile dahil sa depinang panga.

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