Wassup Snuggle cuties? It is me Fae. From the land of Oz. Naaah, not really I am just another Kool Kat who apparated from Koolkatian planet to Earth. Yeah, we Kk's apparate like that Harry Potter book.

Where did ya think J.K.Rowling got that idea from?

Anyway, I am waiting for my "beloved boyfrand"......at Karen's Cafe. Yeah, like the one in One Tree Hill. Wierd much? I have been waiting for him for about an hour or so. Stupid Harry.

He's been hanging out with that Kendall bitch way too much for my comfort. Hence, intervention time. At Karen's Cafe. I am gonna bitch slap him so hard as soon as he is with 5 meter radius of me. Not really, I would never hit him on his edible wittle cute face. Yes, edible...don't judge the cute Irish dude.

Yeahh, I am a dude. No, not that type of dude....the cute cool dude type dude.

Use that brain of yours.

I take a sip of the delicious cofee and nibble on the Big Chocolate cookie. Yes, Big cookie!

Jealous? You should be.


I am still nibbling on cookies.

I've now been waiting for him for 1 Hour, 16 minutes and 17 seconds.

Make that 19.

Yeah, I counted.....so what ?


Aah! What the heck was that?



I hope you realise that I am just kidding. It's just a message on my really hot new brand phone with a hot pink back cover. Yes, I love bragging. Who doesn't?

*Hey babe! wld ya hate me if I said I couldn't make it?* -H

Huh, I hate this.I swear to god if he's ditching me for that bitch then....We are over.

*Yeahhhhhh, I would =___× * - F

*Faeeeee....babe....love......princess........I am soooo sowwy, but the management wants me to meet up with Kenni at Starbucks! I amm soo sowwy!!* -H

What the heck! We are done now. So done. This relationship is over.

*Just f to the uck off! We @re over.* -F

*Babe....thats not funny!* -H

*Harry, I am seriously ending this relationship!* -F

*Fae, You hv 2 understnd....u r the one tht I want to be with, you. No one else. I love you. Please don't do this!* -H

*I am really sorry but this is not working out. I don't want to be your dirty little secret.* -F

Tears sprout out of my eyes despite myself. I am guessing I am going to have to fill you in on what happened in the past 2 years.

After our contracts with the management ended, Sammi and Niall broke up, though they were technically not together, it was quite obvious they were in love. It was the hardest on Sammi, I think. She is still in love with Niall.

Then there was Eppy and Liam. When they broke up the fans didn't take it well at all. Lucky bitches! They were able to keep their happiness. (Yes, the management wanted to break them up even though they wanted to get married.)

Then it was me and Harry. We had a public break up. But we were in a secret relationship. Everything was fine until management decided that Harry needed a Girlfriend. A real one. That's were Kendall comes in.

But you know what the worst part is?

SHE IS ACTUALLY REALLY NICE. That makes it harder to hate her. I want to hate her so bad, but I just can't. It's so frustrating. Hell I want to die.

*Beeeeep beep beeep*

Oh! My phone is ringing. It's Sammi.

"Faee....I...he....Niall..." Sammi trails off, crying loudly over the phone. I swear to god, if that dumb jerk went to Sammi with his dumb idea of proposing to Ellie, I will castrate him. Personally. She's gone through enough already.

"Sammi. Sweetie! What is it? Is it Niall? Did he do something?" I ask her.

I get more loud sobs and incoherent mumbles as a reply. I have a feeling that he did exactly what he wasn't supposed to do.

"I am coming to your house now."

*Cliff hangererrr*

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