I took another gulp from my glass and then turned to Zayn, who as expected was using the mirror app on his phone, fixing his hair for the 1233344566th time. I am not even kidding, the guy is obsessed.

"So Zayn, how's life?"

He looks up from his phone with a  utterly disinterested look on his face.

"Well, you should know, your part of it." He says in the same tone at I have gotten used to, the thing is, I don't like this tone or the look he is giving me right now, it just makes me angry, frustrated and I feel like kicking him in the balls.

"Well, I don't really feel that way Zayn. You are pushing us out of your life, all of us. You have changed and I don't like fuckin like it." I say, bending slightly towards him and look  him dead in the eyes. If I can't get through him by being nice then I am gonna try and pull off a Damon Salvotore. See if that works.

"Whoa there, Liam chill.You wanna know how my life is? It's shit." He says. Picking a glass and draining all it's contents in his mouth. He reaches for the other glass and does the same. Knowing Zayn, he is a light, two glasses do it for him. And he's already had 4.

"Shit? Aw come on it can't be that bad."

"Ohh it is, my friend's hate me, people go about calling me gay  and obsessed and the girl I am in love with wants someone else. So yeah, I can't really think of anything better to describe my life."

THE GIRL HE IS IN LOVE WITH? What...I can't even , I didn't know about this! Who the hell is this girl? Seriously who has made Zayn Malik fall in love. I can't even ask him directly hecause even when he is drunk he is well...I don't know! It is hard to get somethings out of him even then.

Maybe I should put him in the defence mode for a bit.

"A girl, yeah? How does she look?Maybe we can get her and Lou to get together!"

Zayn stared at me with a blank expression and then he suddenly lunged forward throwing himself on me all the while muttering swear words.

"Zayn! Get off! I was just kidding!"

"Liam! What the hell made you think you can joke about her and Lou? I love her, she's going to be mine one day! No one else's!  Get it?"

He growled as he pulled away gaining people's attention. Whoa, he is serious about this girl!

"Sorry, sorry! I didn't think you were serious! "

"Well, I am." He says, trying to compose himself.

"So, who is she?"

Maybe if I can help him get her, I will gain enough of his trust and maybe with the help of this girl I can get the old Zayn back. I just hope this girl he's talking about is not taken or something.

"Who is she, she is only about the most prettiest thing to ever grace this earth. She has the most beautiful eyes ever, the brightest smile and  her voice! Ohh, her voice is like silk!" Zayn says, with this dreamy look on his face. Someone's whipped.

"Who is she, as in her name, Zayn!"  I ask leaning slightly towards him.

"It's Sammi."

Tadaaaaa! ohhhhh Zayn and Sammi!  Sitting under a tree, kissing! lol

how was the big revelation guys?...

Ship em or wat?



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