Guys, smut-ish stuff, cos its kinda necessary okay? Necessary as in for the story not because without it a book is rubbish..okay so yah.

Ps: listen to Let Ger Go - Passenger for fucking yummy feels oaky?

"Oh my god Harry!" The blonde girl, threw her head back as he kissed her neck hungrily, his hands roaming over her toned body, she was gorgeous no could deny it, but she was nothing compared to her.

They were currently in the lobby of a cheap motel, both completely drunk out of their minds, making their way to the room they rented for the night.

Harry's hands circled around her waist pulling her even closer, he left kisses down her extremely exposed chest and inhaled she smelt like strawberry and cheap alcohol nothing like her, she always smelt like..coming home. She was his everything, so beautiful, so perfect so...not the girl he was making out with right now.

"Fuck." Harry said, pulling away abruptly from the girl, What am I doing?

"What is it babe, come here." The blonde girl asked reaching for his arm and pulling him toward her.

He shook his head at her, "No, fuck...sorry I can't do this!" He said yanking his hand away from her. Resentment filled his heart as he looked at the girl,  the girl he was about to make love with just moments ago. She was nothing compared to her.

"Aw, come on hun, don't be like that. I could make you feel so good." The blonde, walked toward him a sly smile on her face.

"No I can't...she..Fae...I love her." He mumbled pushing the blonde away weakly.

"Oh hun..your girl doesn't need to know." She grabbed his hand placed it on her ass, her hands roaming his chest as she looked up at him, biting her lip seductively.

"But I'll know. " He said moving his hand to her waist as he looked at the blonde, feeling sudden disgust he pushed her away and ran his hand through his chocolate curls. He turned around and left without giving her a second look.

Soooooo yahh so short  I know but it was kinda crucial for this to happen,  since hazz kinda realises how no girl Could ever compare to fae in his eyes and yahh he rejects the hot blonde so yah it was imp. K?



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