Part II: Seven Years Later

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Hey guys. Part two of Isolation is here. Yessss. will be here. When I posted part one, I had almost every chapter written before hand so I wouldn't have to worry too much about anything. But, now that I'm to part two, I only have a few chapters written.

So, because of this, I'm going on Hiatus on this book for three weeks. Don't fret, it's just so I can get further into writing it, and actually have a lot of it done.

Now, to kind of let you know what part two will be about when I post it.

It's going to take place seven years after the end of part one, as you can tell from the title. But, it's taking place between First Class and the events of Days Of Future Past. It'll serve as a bridge, so you guys can kind of get caught up with what's happened so you don't have to worry about guessing about ten years.

It'll probably be seven or eight chapters long, and it should cover almost all three years between the beginning and the end. So, that'll be a lot of information kind of squished in just a few chapters. And that means a lot of time skips.

There is also some major stuff happening for Rory. Although, fair warning, most of this won't be told from her perspective. This is gonna be from Scarlett's perspective, with maybe a little bit of Erik. You'll understand why, as the story gets further along. I won't tell you anything in here.

So, yes. That's kind of all you need to know now.

By the way, mark your calendars, or whatever. This book will be started again February 5, 2017. I have it marked on my phone too so I have no excuse for not posting it!

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