Chapter Three

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They soon arrived at the gas station, where Rory had been informed they were heading, and the four passengers got out of the taxi. Charles paid the man, and the yellow car drove away. Rory was feeling embarrassed at the fact that she'd drooled on Erik's shoulder. And she was willing to bet everything she owned (which wasn't much, but still) that he wouldn't of mentioned it if she hadn't leaned back down on his shoulder.

A woman with short auburn hair walked over to them. "Hey Charles and Erik," she said, smiling. "Are these the two mutants you went out to get?"

Charles nodded his head. "This is Rory and Scarlett," he told the woman, pointing out each girl. "Girls, this is Agent Moira MacTaggert of the CIA."

Both girls murmured hello to the woman, and Rory felt her interests piqued. Whatever Charles and Erik wanted with Rory and Scarlett, it had to be serious if the CIA were involved. It also made her slightly nervous, although she refused to show it. Also, it made her feel slightly wary. She'd been lead to believe that they'd only be dealing with other mutants, and not humans. What else had Erik and Charles hidden from them?

"It's nice to meet you," Moira said, smiling. "What are your abilities?"

The two girls shared incredulous looks. Rory couldn't believe that this CIA lady just bluntly asked such a serious question. She hadn't even wanted to really tell Erik about her abilities, and he was a mutant like her! To ask someone such a personal question was seriously rude.

"She's not even a mutant," Scarlett murmured, low enough that only Rory heard her. Then, louder so Moira could hear, "I'm sorry, but why should we tell you? You're not even a mutant."

"Scarlett!" Charles scolded. "Moira is here to help you, just like Erik and I. You shouldn't be so rude to her."

Scarlett looked like she was about to apologize, when Erik cut in. "No, Charles. Moira should know not to ask such a personal question. It's not like she's even known these girls for more than a few seconds."

"I'm sorry," Moira apologized. "I shouldn't of asked that, it's just that all of this is new to me, and I'm curious. At least now I know not to ask."

Scarlett smiled at Moira. "It's alright. I shouldn't of snapped at you." Rory could tell it was slightly strained though, but she doubted the other three would notice. She just hoped Scarlett was keeping her mind shielded from Charles.

"You had every right to, considering the question I asked." Moira smiled back at Scarlett, and the two met and shook hands. Moira turned to Rory, and said, "You didn't say anything, Rory. I didn't offend you, did I?"

Rory knew that there was no point of actually telling Moira that she had been offended, because that would only cause more trouble. "No, you're okay," she responded, sounding a little forced, even to her.

However, Moira must've missed it, because she only smiled even more brightly. "Good. Should we get going now?"

With a confirmation from Charles, they all loaded in the car with Moira, once again tightly squeezed against each other. It was a little more comfier than the taxi though, so Rory thought the backseat was a little wider. Her and Scarlett were once again sitting by the doors, with Erik in between them in the middle. Still tired, despite her nap on the plane, Rory wanted nothing more than to close her eyes and sleep, but she had no idea how far they were from their destination. And anyways, she was privately afraid that if she fell asleep, she would find herself drooling on Erik again, which was still so embarrassing.

Within ten minutes, they had pulled up to a large building, and they were all out of the car.

"Alright," Charles announced. "So, tonight we're just going to show you to your guys' rooms, and tomorrow you can meet the other two mutants here at the base. Erik and I will be leaving again to get the next mutant. To be honest, you might not see us much the rest of the week, as we'll be gone most of the days. But, come this weekend, we'll be here, and hopefully get somewhere on your training!"

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