Chapter Five

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Rory couldn't help but feeling honored. Her and Erik had arrived back at the base only ten minutes before, as they had spent the entire day just hanging out around town, walking around, and just having fun. And then, as soon as they arrived into the base, Charles found Erik's mind and was alerted that Moira wanted to speak to the two of them. Of course, the two of them didn't include Rory, just Charles and Erik. However, Erik let Rory tag along anyways, and it was announced that Shaw was going to be meeting with the Russian Defense Chief in Moscow, because apparently Shaw was behind the United States putting missiles in Turkey, which slightly confused Rory, but she went along with it.

And then, Erik asked her if she wanted to come with. At first, she was hesitant, mainly because Moira looked a little uncertain, but Charles nodded at her, and that actually made her think that he thought she could do it. And, even though she still wasn't sure what to make of Charles, she still took the fact that he thought she could help to heart. And so she accepted.

They were on their way to get the other young mutants, because apparently they were going as well, which kind of disappointed Rory as she thought she was being singled out. That hadn't gone over well with Erik, who didn't think the others were ready.

Rory was disappointed that he had lost that argument, as Charles was adamant that they could handle it. Anyways, to be honest, Rory was still mad at Scarlett for thinking that it was up to her to decide who she could hang out with and not, and basically telling her she wasn't making a good choice of friends.

"The plane leaves for Russia in an hour," Moira informed them. This time, they would be taking a private military operated jet, and not a commercial airline.

"I'm telling you, these kids are not ready for Shaw," Erik tried to argue again.

"I think they're going to surprise you," Charles told him. "They're an exceptional bunch of young people."

The four of them turned the corner to where the other mutants were supposed to be hanging out, to hear loud laughter and music. Rory had a really bad feeling about all of this. Once they came into sight of the group, Rory wanted to slam her head into the wall several times for how stupid they were all acting.

Angel was flying around, Hank was hanging from the chandelier, while Alex and Sean were both taking turns hitting Darwin with a chair and a baseball bat while Darwin screamed, "Come on! You can go harder than that!" And to make matters worse, Scarlett was transforming into random animals as requested by the others, while Raven laughed.

Moira broke them all up, and yelled at them for breaking the statue, and demanded to know who broke it. When Hank claimed it was Alex, Raven corrected him.

"No, Havok. We have to call him Havok. That's his name now." Rory had a funny feeling that Raven had been drinking, which wasn't that good as she was technically under age. Raven walked over to the three mutants that were standing with Moira, and grinned. "And we were thinking you should be Firebomb," she pointed at Rory, "you should be Professor X," she pointed at Charles, "and you should be Magneto," she pointed Erik.

Erik did not look amused even a little bit, which was how Rory was feeling. How Scarlett could be so stupid to get into obvious trouble astounded her. She had thought her friend was smarter than that, but clearly she wasn't. At least she had the decency to look ashamed.

"Exceptional," Erik deadpanned in a way that made it seem like the exact opposite.

Rory ignored the rest of what was happening for a second, and opened her mind to Scarlett.

What were you thinking? She demanded.

Scarlett sounded pissed. What was I thinking? I'm sorry I was having fun!

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