Chapter 5-

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Well, Kate being Cathy's bestfriend is making every single effort for encouraging Cathy to stop thinking negative and step ahead, take a risk and work with Bella Marlow. Now, in this chapter its time for Cathy to head to the studio where she will be working and its also time to meet someone new…! ;)

Lets go further


I look in the mirror and a pale, big-eyed girl stares back at me. She has a little green eyeliner smudged around her eyes, a spotted headband holding back her wavy hair. She is  wearing a simple blue T-shirt, skinny jeans, Rocket Dog pumps bought specially for the occasion.

She looks scared.

If she was my friend, I'd tell her to relax, smile, enjoy the adventure, but I'm not sure if she'd listen. She's remembering the things Courtney Taylor said, mean things, spiteful things. Her fingers shake as she applies pink lip-gloss, tries for a smile.

'Sink or swim,' I tell her, and the girl in the mirror lifts her head and grins.

      I think maybe she has had enough of hanging around in the shallows, enough of being a wallpaper girl.

At Bella Marlow's studio, I ring the bell for ages and then a boy with a dipping sky-blue fringe sticks his head out of an upstairs window and  asks if  I am the new work experience girl. Then he throws down two twenty-pound notes and asks me to run over to Starbucks for lattes- three skinny, one with soya, one chai, a mint tea and a bunch of muffins. 'Oh,' he adds, 'and whatever you want, too!'

   I catch the money before it drifts into the gutter, my heart thumping. This is not what I had in mind, but i dont want to mess up on my fist day. I run to Starbucks, and ten mintues later I am back at the studio, clutching a cardboard box full of lattes and muffins.

The blue-fringed boy opens the door and takes the cardboard box, checking through the contents. 'Perfect!' he says. 'Thats a first, for a work experience kid. Come in.… I'm Martin, Bella's assistant.…'

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