A tour of the studio.

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Cathy takes a tour of the studio. well, i guess without telling much i'll continue the story further :)



Bella gives me a quick tour of the studios. There's a dressing room, where a model is sipping mint tea through a straw while a make-up artist paints her eyelids with glittery green shadow and a stylist ironing a bundle of satin dresses in jewel-bright colours; upstairs, there is the studio proper, where Martin, the blue-fringe boy, is struggling with a role of backdrop paper and a whole forest of blazing lights.

   'Can you grab this?' Martin asks, and i drop my bag and stretch up to hold the backdrop while he adjusts the lightening.

'I'll leave you to it,' Bella says, checking her watch. 'Martin will keep you busy, show you the ropes. We're shooting in five minutes, OK? Chin up, Cathy! Its in at the deep end, I'm afraid!'

'Sink or swim,' I say.

'You got it,' Bella grins, 'but i think you'll swim. I'm counting on it, Cathy.'

I have never worked so hard in my whole, entire life. I am the studio dogsbody.

Sometimes I am adjusting the lights and fixing up the tripods, sometimes I am holding a silver reflector right under the face of an up-and-coming model to make her look more radiant. Those things are pretty good. Sometimes, though, I am bushing the studio floor or polishing shoes or balancing on a stepladder, hanging muslin drapes across the set. I have become an expert in ironing dresses and I have made so many trips to Starbucks too, the assistants know me by name.

I got so much busy that i forgot about Kate and also Courtney Taylor. And i was wondering how Courtney must be working in the factory. Anyways, i dint care much about her latercalled Kate and asked about her placement experience and how was it going. She seemed very happy and excited and was enjoying it too.

Anyways, getting back to the studio there's even one especially crazy day when one of the models doesnt turn up for a teen-mag fashion shoot, and Bella says we dont have time to wait for the agency to send a replacement, so the stylist does make-up and fixes me up with a suger-pink wig to match the other model. We head out to one of the big London parks and shoot all afternoon until the lights fade, me and the other models wearing pastel-coloured prom dresses and feeding the ducksand the swans.

         When I see the photos on Bella's laptop, i dont even recognise myself. I think of Courtney Taylor and her dreams of being a model…. what would she say if she could see this? Probably she wont believe it and would get very very jealous indeed. She might see it, one day, and still she'd never guess.

That makes me smile.

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