Sink or Swim

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You cannot reason with Courtney Taylor, though. She is the coolest girl in Year Nine, the self-styled star of CastleFord Academy. She is smart, she is pretty, she has enough confidence to last her a lifetime. Whn i stand next to Courtney, I'm not just in her shadow, I am practically invisible.

'I was the obvious choice,' Courtney is scowling. 'Bella Marlow is a legend. She was one of the Britain's top models, until a decade ago, and now she's probably thr best fashion photographer of her generation....  her pictures are in all the glossy mags. And i am going to be a model, so i would be the best person for the placement. right?'

'Apparantly not,' Kate says. 'Right, Cathy?'


A whole bunch of us applied for a week experience placement with Bella Marlow. A week helping out in her studio was always going to be a million times better than the usual week of the shelf-stacking in a local supermarket of whatever other delights the school could come up with.

The problem was, Bella only wanted one work experience pupil.

I never imagined in a million years she'd pick me.

  'I dont know if you understand.... um, Cathy, is it?'

Courtney snaps, 'This could have been my big break! And now that chance is going to be wasted.... on you. That sucks!'

        Kate raises an eyebrow. She has landed her own dream work experience placement, at a top hairdresser's in town, and i think a little bit of her is enjoying Courtney's stroppy attitude. Its not often that we get to see the Year Nine starlet throw a tantrum.

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