Sink or Swim

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okay so i dont really know how to start but anyways. the story i am writing is a short story a really very short one indeed. since its short the beginning is very sudden so im not sure will it make sense or not but i am giving it a try. hope you all like it. and also send me private messages to give me your feedbacks. it would help me a lot and will also be appreciated. Thanks! and since its a realy short story i'll directly start it off without giving any summary.

I will just start writting it in a bit while and will definitly try to complete it today itself.



•°•°SINK OR SWIM°•°•

'You?' Courtney says scornfully. 'There must be some mistake, some kind of mix-up. Why would they choose you?'

I blink, pink-cheeked, and tilt my chin up, bravely. 'I dont know,' I say. 'But they did.'

We are standing at the bus stop after school, waiting for the 73a. Ii have stood at this exact same bus stop with Courtney Taylor every school day for the last two and a half years and she has never spoken to me before. I am not sure if she actually knew i was alive, until today.

    Courtney frowns at the letter in her hand and then looks at me, narrowing her eyes. 'It doesnt make sense,' she huffs, flicking back her long, blonde hair. 'The teachers were suppose to match us all up with our perfect work experience placement.... and they go and pick you to work with Bella Marlow. It doesnt seem fair!'

'Hey,' my bestfriend Kate chips in, loyally. 'Ofcourse it's fair! Bella Marlow picked Cathy... she's the best person for job.'

________________________________________________________________________ okay, i will post the next part in a bit while now :D Thankss ! :)

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