Time to meet Bella Marlow...

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okay, now Cathy has met her new co-worker i.e Bella's assistant Martin. Now its time to introduce Bella Marlow herself to Cathy.

PS- i'm sorry i couldnt come up with something new so i have to directly introduce Bella Marlow to Cathy because i cannot think of some different way of introducing them to each other. So sorry for that.

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After she met Martin, Bella Marlow's assistant a tall, striking woman in her thirties appears behind him. And then Cathy hears a voice.

'And I'm Bella. You must be Ms.Cathy Blake. Good to mee you, Cathy!'

   Bella Marlow still has the long aurburn curls and startling blue-green eyes that made her such a famous face in her modelling days, but there is nothing starry about her. She is simply dressed in combats and plain white T-shirt, her hair tied back and her face free of make-up.

'I hope you'll enjoy your week with us,' she says, ushering me inside as Martin runs up a flight of stairs with the coffee supplies. 'I was very impressed with your letter.… you sounded very different from the usual work experience kids we get. You take your own photos, right? I loved the prints you sent in with your application. They really had something.… you have a talent.'

'Oh.… Thank You!' I stammer. 'I cant believe you chose me. You must have had so many fantastic applicants….'

   Bella frowns, 'I did,' she says, 'and i chose you, because you were the best.'

My cheeks flush pink.

'I have to tell you, though, photography is a tough business,' she continues. 'Talent isnt always enough. You have to work hard.'

'I can work hard,' i say.

'I think you can,'  Bella smiles. 'But more than that, you have to be determined. You have to get out there and make your mark. You cannot be shy or retiring, and you cannot hide away in the background. You have to believe in yourself,'

As soon as she said that i need to believe in myself it immediately reminded me of Kate's words. It was almost exactly what even Kate had told me while giving me a boost of encouragement. I blink and then say in a small voice, ' That's not always easy,' and Bella laughs.

'No, its not easy, but its true all the same,' she says. 'You remind me of me, back when i was your age, Cathy. A little shy, a little unsure. But, honey, you're as good as anyone! Believe it!'

'I…. OK!'

And i swear after she said this my reaction in my mind was she is saying exactly what Kate had told me. She seems to be quite sweet and very encouraging and doesnt seem bossy kinda.

'You wont have time to hide away in the background, here,' Bella says. 'This is a crazy week for us- publicity shots, fashion shots, a magazine spread…. we'll barely have time to stop and breathe. We'll work you hard, I warn you, Cathy, but I think you'll enjoy it plus it will benefit you to.'

'I will!' I grin.

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