The End. The final Chapter!

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Okay, so this is the last chapter of my story…. okay, so in this chapter a week has passed and placement experience is now over. And kate, Courtney and Cathy discusses about their experiences etc.

lets go ahead now ! :)


The Final Chapter, The End.

I sit on the wall with kate, huddled into my coat, a floppy beanie hat pulled low on my head, waiting for the 73a bus to school.

'That,' says Kate, 'was the best week of my life,I swear.'

'Me, too,' I say. 'It was awesome. I'll never forget it. It was fun and my experience was simply amazing. I really enjoyed working with Bella Marlow.'

'No wonder,' Kate grins. 'You are a super-model, now, right? With trendy blue-fringed friends and the offer of a summer holiday job with Bella Marlow. Courtney will be green with envy.'

'I wonder how she got on at the knicker factory?' I ask.

'Here she is,' Kate says. 'I think we are about to find out….'

     Courtney heads straight for us, head held high. 'Oh. My. God,' she breathes. flicking her perfect hair. 'I have had the most amazing week, you just would not believe….'

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