Cathy's and Martin's short conversation.

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okay now, the story is almost to an end now. :)

lets go further….


MOUSE.. ;)

I begin dreaming of pink hair and pretty prom dresses, and I wonder if Bella is a kind of a fairy godmother, because when she is around I forget to be shy.

   I dont have time to be, anyhow.

   I have started to realise that blue fringes and designer jeans are nothing to be scared of. People are just people, whatever they look like, whatever they say, whatever their job description might be. They can be nice or nasty or clever or kind too, and that's what matters in the end.

'Why the blue fringe?' I ask Martin, Bella's assistant one day, as we sift glittery fake snow over a set draped with white velvet, ready for a Christmas shoot. 'I've been wondering.'

   Martin does not strike me as a blue-fringe kind of a boy. He works so hard its a miracle he has time to comb his hair, let alone dye it the colour of the sky in summer, but I am learning not to judge a book by its cover.

'Thinking of going pink, like in the fashion shoot?' he teases.

'No way!' I protest. 'I'd never dare.'

'Rubbish,' he says. 'You can do whatever you want to do. Do you really want to know why i went blue?'

'I really do.'

'It makes a statement,' Martin shrugs. 'People notice it, and they make their own assumptions. That i am confident, that I am arty, that I am cool. That's fine. It means I can get on with my job and forget about trying to impress people.' Suddenly he looks straight at me. 'I didn't think I could fit into this world, to start with. Do you want to knowvwhat my nickname was at school?'


'Mouse,' he says.


okay, so this chapter was kind of a little bit short but we are almost comming closer towards the end. :)

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