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Going a little more further.....

okay, so in this chapter Kate, Cathy's bestfriend is encouraging Cathy to work with Bella Marlow. But Cathy thinks she wont be able to adopt their way of working and wont fit in amongst them.

lets go ahead now.…


      Thing is, it is not just Courtney Taylor who thinks i am the invisible girl. I am plain, I am shy, I am ordinary. My eyes are the colour of muddy puddles, my hair is mousey brown and wavy and shoulder-length. I do not have the knack of making a navy blue school uniform into a fashion statement.

There is nothing about me that stands out from the crowd. I am a wallpaper girl- I blend into the background.

'Hey,' Kate says. 'You'll be fine, dont think too much. you're just over thinking!'

I look at Kate, blinking at me from beneath a scene-girl fringe, her eyes rimmed with smoky eyeliner, and i looked at Courtney, chatting to a gaggle of a Year Ten boys a few seats down from us, her hair play perfectly cut and layered and streaked and starightened to within an inch of its life.

They have style- and confidence.

I dont.

'You have to believe in yourself,' Kate says, echoing my thoughts. 'Its all abut self-esteem. You're as good as Courtney Taylor, any day-better honest! You're pretty and clever and kind and talented.… Well, you just have to do one thing and that is believe in yourself, trust yourself, have faith in yourself and never ever lose hope.…'

Well, Kate would say that, i guess. She's my bestfriend. Loyalty is part of her job-description.

'You're cool, Cathy,' Kate says. 'Believe it! And trust me, Bella Marlow wont care one bit whether you are wearing Converse and jeans or a slinky dress with Jimmy Choos. It's a work placement, not a fashion parade!'

'But.… what if I'm out of my depth?'

Kate laughs. 'Sometimes, you have to risk being out of your depth,' she says. 'Whats the worst that can happen? You either sink or  you swim. You cant stay in the shallows of your life.'

'Do i get armbands?' I ask with a grin, and Kate jabs me in the ribs, laughing.

'You wont need them,' she tells me. 'Promise!'

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