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WE RETRACE our steps back to the servo, that's the only best shelter we've got right now. Basically, we need a plan and for that, we need someplace to make it.

"How're we gonna do this?" Jace pulls up a chair.

"Okay, so," I click the pen and begin drawing on a piece of paper, both of which I found at the register, "in order to get to the buildings, we need to be in one."

Perplexed expressions stare back at me.

"We have to get to a building that isn't too close to the massive army of lurkers but close enough to the taller buildings," I elaborate.

Our city's buildings stand next to each other like dominoes. The short ones are at the beginning with the taller ones in the middle. We get to the tallest building and wait for the herd that's tailing us to meet up with this army. Then we retrace our steps back from where we came.

"But how are we supposed to get to the higher grounds though?" Bray knits his eyebrows together. "Ain't doing parkour if that's what you're thinking," he chuckles nervously.

"Not exactly parkour but-?"

"Not exactly?" his eyes open wide.

"I'm thinking of using some kinda bridge," I inform them.

"'Walk the plank'? Seriously?" Carmen expresses. "With a bunch of lurkers beneath us?"

"I know how it sounds, guys," I exhale. "But.."

"He's right," Jace backs me up, nodding. "I mean, either that or stay in one of the short buildings and hope to God that they don't pile up and, well, eat us."

After discussing the plan a little more, the team got on board.

Before we spread out, Carmen's like, "but just to let you guys know, I'm not that good with heights."

Jace rolls his eyes, "whatta surprise."

"Stop being such a jerk!" she retaliates.

"Oh, I'm the jerk?" he snarls, pointing to himself. "You're the one who goes behind my back and cheats with one of my mates!"

"You were flirting with the other girls and who knows what else! What'd you expect me to do? Just sit around and watch like some dumb girlfriend?!"

"For the love of God," Jace groans. "I was talking to them, not flirting. How many goddamn times do I have to tell you!?"

"I saw you!" Carmen's voice breaks.

"Should we do something?" Bray whispers next to me.

"Yeah and the stuff Jensen told me about you," Jace continues, "that equates to so much more than me chatting with other chicks!"

"I dunno," I whisper back to Bray, "should we? I mean, it doesn't concern us, right?"

"'Equates'?" Carmen laugh/cries. "Where'd you learn that word, huh?"

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